Friday, August 15, 2014

Check Your Chip Day

Our friend Daisy reminded us the other day that today is Check Your Chip Day. Now, like her we got all excited thinking it was about potato chips, but alas it is about microchips.

Yes mom, we know those are important....but mmmm potato chips.

Everyone here is microchipped. And we don't know of a rescue out there that doesn't microchip any more. And in a study done at our local university, the vet found that the return rate of lost animals was much higher when a chip was found and was REGISTERED!!! That is the big thing - you have to make sure your chip is registered and your information stays up to date.

Our vet scans us for our chips everything we have an appointment. Doing this the first time mom discovered that Ivy's chip actually moved. When implanted (yes, among the other weird things mom can do, she knows how to implant a microchip), it is done between the shoulder blades. However, in Ivy's case, she was chipped when she was spayed at 8 weeks old. And ummm.... she is a little....bigger now. MOL  So turns out her chip is now resting over one shoulder blade. When scanning, the vet or shelter should go side to side and front to back....just in case.

Now, the ASPCA also has an app that will store all your pet information, including microchip info. Mom downloaded it. HOWEVER you can't accurately put in the microchip information since that part of the app only allows for numbers and a lot of chips include letters (most of ours do). We have tweeted the ASPCA and sent an email to the address on the app, but haven't ever heard anything (if you know someone over there, let them know there is a bug). That being said, we think it is a great idea to have all your info in one place.  If you have suggestions for other apps for phones, leave us a comment.

The lesson here:
Microchip your pets
Make sure your vet scans for the chip everytime
Make sure your info stays up to date

And if you find a lost animal, get him scanned for a microchip - it is the fastest way to get him reunited with his family!!!


  1. Great post!
    Hope you're having a wonderful Friday!
    Pee Ess - potato chips do sound like way more fun. - Princeton

  2. Great information and yes, keep that info up to date always!

  3. None of us have microchips. Our country doesn't have a National Database yet so microchip information isn't readily available. So all the vet / shelter can find would be some numbers and not much else. They can call up individual vets / councils to check if it's registered with them but it's hard work and very time consuming.

  4. grate post guys N all sew we will take an order oh sour creem N cheese, plane N barbie Q !!

    happee week oh end…heerz ta yellowbanded perch in everee bowl ♥

  5. We are ALL microchipped - and ALL our microchips are out of date!

  6. Bar-b-que?? Count me in, MOL
    We are chipless, not sure how I feel about them.. Not sure how expensive they are either. Guess I should get more information, huh?

  7. Great advice...especially about having your vet routinely check the chip's location. Even indoor pets should be chipped because you never know. All of the WDA is...and Zsofia gets hers when she sees Dr. Julia for her baby shots next week.

  8. I'm not chipped far as I know. Does it hurt us when we get the chip implanted?

  9. I've seen people scan animals all over for their microchips and wondered why--now I know!

  10. Great reminder! Our vet always checks ours - but it's good to have Mom check to make sure the company has our up-to-date info!

  11. it is amazing how many people never bother to update their chip information.

    and chips can move a lot.. it is why when shelters scan cats and dogs they scan the whole body.


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