Friday, May 9, 2014

Random Fridays....

Our friends at CindyLu's Muse found this great app that helps shelter - you use it when you walk your dog and they track it and make donations. How cool is that? Click on the link to her blog to see more details.

Update on Lulu: normally TNR is Trap-Neuter-Return. In this case mom went with Trap-Neuter-Release. Mom had Lulu in the garage Tuesday night to recover since there weren't kittens to worry about. Mom worried what would Allie think. However, Allie was right there when mom got home from the shelter waiting to get into the garage. She ate her dinner over night and there was no racket and everyone seemed fine this morning. So, after much deliberation, mom released Lulu at our house. It may not be the ideal plan, but mom at least can provide shelter and food for her.....Lulu ran past Allie on Wednesday morning on the way out of the trap and there wasn't any racket either. Allie jumped, but it appeared to be more startled by the gray cat rocketing past.

Our friend Tama over at The Poupounette is a master dangler. Tim decided to show her that he has some skills too:


Be sure to join us tomorrow for Junior's birthday....and a surprise on Monday.


  1. Aw, I hope Lulu hangs around and gets fed! And maybe her and Allie can become buddies and look out for each other! Maybe..?
    Ooo not bad doin' the dangle there Tim!
    We'll be back for Junior's b-day!

  2. We loved Tim's double dangle of head and front paw.
    Luv Hammah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Oh I hope that Lulu will come back to the garage. I bet she will.
    Way to go Tim, with that leg dangle. Great job.

  4. Tim, I am MOST impressed. Too bad we can't do dangle duets together!


    1. don't tempt him, he is a sucker for a good looking girl :)

  5. Nice job, Tim. It's like you are openly mocking the laws of gravity, dude!

    That app for dog walkers and shelters is pretty neat. We'll have to check it out.

    Paws crossed that Lulu comes back very soon!

  6. Paws crossed that Lulu sticks around - you never know with ferals and you can only hope for the best.

  7. This is Trixie and Lily posting... we've got a new blog now. We're spokesdogs for a children's book our Mama wrote! Anyways it is good to know that Allie is getting along with the new kitty. And we can't wait to download Wooftrax! We think Mama will be more willing to take us for more walks now!

  8. Tim, you DO dangle well!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher


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