Thursday, May 8, 2014

a month old

OK, well the four add ons are today....Mica was a month old 3 days ago. But whatever....

And since it is Thursday it is weigh in day:

 Amber now weighs 13 3/8 ounces

Ash is our heavy weight at 1 pound 2 3/8 ounces (wow)

 Coral is still our tiny at 7 1/2 ounces
But look below - she learned a new trick 
(and was growling at mom as she tried to refill the bowl)

Mica weighs 15 ounces

Pearl weighs 14 1/2 ounces

Mom has now had to rearrange the bathroom a couple of times to accommodate kittens. She built a new box - which Pearl and Amber learned to climb over in the last couple of days. So she had a get a new litter box for Jade (since she is a flinger) and figure out how to cordon off the litter box (since kittens will try to eat anything at this stage).

Mom worries about Coral, but the fact that she has decided she likes kitten food should help her put on some weight.


  1. Talk about the weight, me is expert..MOL
    How many cute kittens = me ???
    Tee..heh..I am 8 kilo

    Coral, you should see me eat..probably can help you eat more ;)

    Thank you for purrs for me

  2. You are all looking good. Love how you get weighed.

  3. Tinny babies... I am in love!

  4. Coral does seem to be hanging in there! :)

  5. You are all looking good! Meowvelous!

  6. They are so cute! Come on Coral, keep eating baby!

  7. stay healthee N strong guys...N coral...ewe knead a beer...ooopz...we meen ewe knead sum trout for cal o reeez....well, frank lee everee one kneadz sum trout..... just coz.....

    N heerz two a happee halibutt & herring kinda week oh end two all ♥

  8. Your mom is the cat angel. She is amazing. :)

  9. OH your mom IS a cat angel and MY mom and I both send loves to the babies and hugs to your momma. xxooxx

  10. They must be doing quite well - eating kibble already! My favorite sound in the world is kittens "sloshing" their wet food. it! Looks though like these babies are well-cared f or, on their way to a very bright future! (And good luck with the litter issues! lol)

  11. Your mom does an amazing work with those kitten, paws up ! Purrs


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