Monday, July 1, 2013

weekend update

First things first....the kittens seem to be holding their own.  Thank Cod!!  Mom had a couple of concerns and decided to reach out to our friends. Miss Connie gave us some great advice about feeding raw and the kitten were switched to that (more on that tomorrow). It will obviously be short term since they will need to go back to the shelter good at some point but for right now it is more important to get food to stick IN their systems instead of run through it. And seriously....could we figure this out soon??? The kitts want out and spend a lot of time yelling about it.

And....Nasa, Hubble and Corona (you know, it occurred to mom over the weekend that she could also have been a member of the beer kittens - MOL) got a bath shower on Sunday morning. It is about trying to keep their poor buns clean. Mom has been using bleach in the bathroom for the last few days and did remark that there seemed to be "less" of a mess on the floor this morning. So hopefully we are making progress.
 "so not funny foster-mom-lady"

Sputnik and Orbit - trying to get away from the wet
(they aren't messy so they managed to avoid the shower)

She also thought their symptoms were she did some searching online and it may be Giardia. Which won't show up on a standard test. In the effort of - better safe than sorry - mom is giving the kitts a dose of panacur that will cover that as well.

And....another Saturday, another slobbery dog in the car. :)  Ruger had been adopted and was on his way home. What a super sweet boy. Once he got in the back seat, he kept doing the little kid "I'm not sleeping" thing. Mom thought at one point she would find a big fuzzy pile of goo sleeping in the back seat. His new family emailed the group when he got home last night and said he was running around the backyard playing with his new boy.


  1. The kittens look so bedraggled after their shower but at least they got clean butts!! We laughed at the little bedraggled kitten with his tongue out at the camera - he/she is a quick learner!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Those silly kittens all wet but clean. Glad they are doing a little better.
    What a nice looking dog. Glad he got a nice new home.
    Take care.

  3. There's not much that's more pathetic looking than a wet kitten. Poor things. LOL. Hope they'll be just fine.

    Hurrah for Ruger finding a new home, and it would seem he's settling in just fine. Yay!

  4. Poor kitties. They always look so pitiful when wet. :p
    Have a wonderful life at your forever home, Ruger!

  5. Your mom will get a double set of angel wings in cat heaven

  6. I like the kittens' new hair-styles. They are probably less fond of them. I hope they start improving soon.

  7. space CATetz...way sorree bout de hole b.a..t..h. thing...sum times we get bizzee N forgetz ta WARN wee kiteehs !!!~~~~~

    N best oh fihses two ewe ruger on yur new for evers home....for bein a dawg ewe iz one kewl dood :) !!

  8. Those kits look pretty bummed out, but it's better to be clean, right? :)

    Awesome news about Ruger! Congrats to him and his new fam!

  9. Poor little kit-cats! We hope it helps you get 100% healthy, though!
    Play bows,

  10. Awww the kitties after their bath are just so lovely!! Fingers and paws crossed they get 100 per cent better!

    Ruger is adorable! Take care

  11. We're purring that the kittens continue to improve! And yay for Ruger and his new home!

  12. That's a very punk look the freshly-bathed kittens have.

    Newton had giardia just after he came to live with us. He was a sad, sick little kitten, and it took the vet a long while to nail down what was wrong. We hope the outer space kittens start to feel better soon!

  13. Punk rock kittens! They need to form a band. ;-)

  14. Poor babies...they don't look happy. But we guess they needed a bath.

    Mom better never try that here, MOL!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  15. There is nothing sadder than a wet kitten, they're designed to make you feel guilty enough to spoil them! Fingers crossed that they're getting better!

  16. We are purring for them frequently. Runs are no funs...

  17. Poor little wet kittens, but at least they are clean!!! Hope they are better soon.

  18. Oh, those poor wet bedraggelled little kettehs. Hang in there, poodins, things should get better soon.


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