Friday, July 19, 2013

Random Fridays.....

Sorcha and Screech are now at Petco. They went Wednesday after being spayed/neutered. Normally they would come home, but there is space at the store. And honestly, they will get less activity and get into less trouble up there. Plus the public can see them..... Mom did have to laugh when she picked them up - the tech asked if there was just the one carrier. Mom nodded and the tech said to keep on eye on them since they had decided they didn't like each other. Sorcha was a little growly, but she was probably just ouchy as she was fine once they got to the store. Screech was just stoned....
Screech making friends
(with Maestro, Junior, Mozart and Ivy)

 So now it is Licorice in the bathroom and the two smaller kittens in the playpen in the living room. We knew the littler ones were siblings and Sorcha and Screech were older single kittens. For those who don't remember, Screech came with his name and mom picked Irish names that start with S for the girls.

Well, the darker tabby has a mild case of the snot and mom has been giving meds, wiping noses and picking boogers (geez - don't you want to run right out and volunteer to foster now?). So, Wednesday night, mom made an amazing discovery.

The darker tabby.....previously known as actually a boy!! 
(mom is so fired)
Sierra and her BROTHER - Sebastian
(mom dropped the Irish thing - just stick to the S)

Mom kinds worries about him - he is little and snotty. And yet yesterday morning once he got out of the playpen, he was bouncing around in circles chasing his own tail. Just gotta find a food he REALLY likes to put some weight on him (OK - and his sister).

Mom was trying to get a better picture of Licorice. This is her favorite position - those back legs just don't curl up. Mom mentioned her bald spots yesterday. Mom took this picture on Wednesday night.... and discovered there are more spots than she realized. We thank you for the comments from yesterday. Mom is going to try to get some coconut oil and try that first. Certainly can't hurt her any.....  Licorice is due for the second run of Frontline on Monday for her lice problem. Mom hasn't seen any, but in this case WAY better safe than sorry. :)  We also have some pet wipes. Mom is going to try those over the weekend and we will see what happens.


  1. The head peep once had to buy a carrier at the vet's office when picking up two of the cats who came before who loved each other on the way there and couldn't safely be put in the same carrier while still drowsy from being neutered... that's not unusual!

  2. Oh we are so glad that you took Licorice in. Other wise she probably would have gotten really sick. Those kittens are cute. Hope you have a super day.

  3. Good luck to Licorice in her treatments!

  4. Poor Licorice. She is so very lucky to be in your care.

  5. Screech sure is a little cutie! They all are. I hope everything goes well and that Sebastian gets healthy!
    Play bows,

  6. Mommy giggled at what your Mom terms "The Snot". Not that it's funny having The Snot, but she loves the term.

    Purrs for Licorice. She's sure seen some hard times.

  7. We are all sending purrs to sweet Licorice and we hope to hear that she is doing better soon.

  8. Good luck to Scorcha and Screech that their forever family finds them at Petco :))

    I too hope that Licorice's feeling better soon - what a little doll.

  9. I adopted my Cody in 2007 from an adoption drive at Petco. Hoping those kitties are equally as lucky!

  10. tim's mom...purrhaps de spots mite bee frum de lice bites ? we just hope licorice can settle in N knot bee stressed ore feer ful....N give thoze S kittehs sum trout...nothin like a few hundred slicez oh trout ta put sum weight on ~~~!!!

    heerez ta a grate week oh end :)

  11. Poor Licorice - I hope she is better soon! Paws crossed that Scorcha and Screech find their humans quickly!

  12. They are all just so cute. You sure have your hands full, but that seems to be typical for you! Hey, everyone makes gender mistakes with kitties now and then.

  13. You're going to join the coconut revolution? Cool! It has done wonders for Star, hope it helps the baby!
    Fingers crossed for fast adoptions!

  14. Hope you resident kitties are getting all the love and attention you deserve. These foster kitties sound like a handful. Your mommy is such an angel to look after all these babies plus her own kitty loves. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo.

  15. We continue to purr for Licorice. She's been through so much...we sure hope the coconut oil helps her.

  16. Poor Licorice, we hopes she is feeling better furry soon.

    Mom is laughing and shaking her head. She knows she couldn't foster...not that we'd let her, MOL!

    Good luck to the kitties waiting for their furever homes.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku


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