Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend update

Thanks for all the comments on Friday about the fire. It is scary....and a reminder to all of us to be sure our houses are safe. Sparkle made the comment about dryer vents and it is a good one - we can't begin to imagine how much cat hair is in ours. :)

It was a wild weekend.....

Remember this girl? Hera went to the Petco store and then back to the adoption center when she came down with an upper respiratory thing.

Well, mom had been feeling bad for K and thinking that maybe there was a better match out there for her. So she sent K an email telling her about Hera. So K went to the adoption center on Saturday. And.... Hera has a new home!!! We are very excited for all of them. We think it was meant to be - and they still saved a life and helped us save another by adopting. Mom has already gotten an update and it seems Hera slept with K last night. :)

Of course, that means that ....
the brat is still looking for a home.....
when the ringworm clears up.... 
and she gets spayed....

And in other adoption news - there is a Petsmart store that is southeast of the city where we live. There aren't any other rescues down there, so the cats in their adoption windows move pretty fast. Cleo moved there and was adopted in 48 hours. There was an adult going home on Saturday, so mom agreed to meet another volunteer for the national adoption weekend and leave Mist there. Since the boys had been neutered, she took them with for the exposure.

Mom did get annoyed with one lady. It was VERY busy and of course everyone wanted to hold the kitts. Mom had the pen set up with Mist and the boys in there and was trying to keep an eye on things. Mom knew Mist could get over the pen if she wanted too. And then this lady comes up with a little dog that starts barking at Mist. Mist freaks out, the boys freak out and mom asks the lady to back up. The lady tightens the leash on the dog and says "I have control of him". OK - that is great - but who are you gonna blame when Mist comes over the top and tries to eat your little dog. Ugh.....

Anyhow, mom came home: ALONE!!! Yes, the boys were adopted. Poblano and Jalapeno were adopted together and Serrano went home with a mom and two kids who also have an 8 month old female cat at home already. Mist stayed but mom hopes she finds her home soon. She doesn't look like anyone else down there, so we think she should catch someone's attention.


  1. I am so sorry - I totally missed Friday's post! Glad all is ok!

    Yay for these adoptions! Boo to the lady with the dog! Brave Mist and kitties!! And hugs to sweet Emma!

    Take care

  2. Wow, that is great about all those adoptions. Glad Hera got such a good home. We know that Emma will when the time comes.
    I would have had to tell that woman with the dog to get lost. People are so stupid. Have a great day.

  3. Super news about the adoptions, and about K adopting Hera. I like to think that things work out for the Highest Good of All Concerned in the end. :-)

    BTW, our city recently banned the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores (i.e. from backyard breeders). Most pet stores already only adopted out via shelters, though there were two in town that didn't adopt out, but bought/sold. I'm glad that's stopped now, but nothing is going to stop the "free kitten/puppy" or "for sale" ads via other means like Kijiji.

    (It was all your adoption news that made me think of this, of course.)

  4. A post filled with adoptions. Wonderful! That's great about Hera. Who knows, maybe Hera will send K back to bring Emma home? :)
    We're keeping our paws crossed that Mist gets adopted soon!

  5. We love to hear all the happy stories and we will purr for Mist.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. We stopped by wish Mozart a Happy Birthday! Sorry we missed all the other news. Sending purrs to all!

  7. Um, lady, it isn't always about the dogs you know.. *rolls eyes* So what if the dog wasn't about to hurt the cat.. the cat could be about to hurt the dog, not to mention that it was seriously stressing them out and that alone was reason enough to be a friggen human being and step back..

    sorry, is my bitterness showing through, I've run into more idiots like that than I care to remember including a particularly clueless neighbor who let her dog run free in the neighborhood even after I called the ACO on her.

  8. Yay for the adoptions! I have a feeling that Mist and the last gemstone kitty will find homes quickly!!
    Much Love,
    Mindy :)

  9. That is great news about the boys being adopted! But hiss at that woman with the dog. I don't care what size it is or if the human is "controlling" it - it is stressing out the kitties and needs to be kept away from them! Grrr....

  10. conga rats two ewe hera on yur mew forevers home !!! YAY !!!! best fishes two ewe, N emma...when de time iz rite; ewe will haz yur forevers home two !!!

  11. Lots of good news in this post!We love to read of Forever Homes!!!

    The Chans

  12. We have our adoption hours at a Petco store and there is a dog rescue that shows at the same time. The dogs get over-excited and bark like maniacs, which stresses out our foster cats, which makes them jittery, unfriendly, and less likely to be adopted. AND THEN IT'S THE CAT'S FAULT!!!!!

    Just because the dog wasn't going to physically harm the cat doesn't mean that it wasn't harming the cat at all. Grrrrr.

    And YAY for adoptions!!!

  13. Mowzers, what huge successes in finding forever homes!!

    Crossing our paws that the ringworm ordeal ends SOON...UGH.

  14. We love all the great adoption news. We hope each has a long safe happy healthy life with a forever family that loves them and treats them like precious treasures.

    We send gentle White Dog woos of sorrow for those lost in the fires and the families that were affected.

  15. Wow, how great to have so many adoptions. What's your secret? At the last adoption event held by the rescue group I support, no kitties went home and there were some really great ones available. I know they'd appreciate any tips you can offer. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  16. So happy for Hera, and all the other cats that got adopted.


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