Friday, February 22, 2013

Random Fridays....

Not sure who was more took trash down stairs last weekend and was going to bring stuff back up from the car. As mom opened the door into the garage, Allie was sitting on top of the trash can. Allie turned and looked at mom with these wide eyes and mom froze. And then Allie took off like a shot. Mom laughed, got her stuff and headed back upstairs. She did look out the window and saw Allie stroll back into the garage.....

Fire update:
In some seriously scary news, there was a second fire earlier this week in a different foster home for the same rescue we volunteer for. There isn't any news if they are related, but we know it scares the heck out of mom and the rescue and fosters everywhere. There were 8 cats that didn't survive the first fire and 2 from this one. There was an adoption event this past weekend and 8 cats from the first fire were adopted. But PLEASE make plans for your homes and be thinking about these families and Colony.

In defense of the clinic in Emma's post from yesterday. They are one of the few low cost spay/neuter clinics in our area. And we do love them for it. We think in this case they are so used to dealing with the public (and a certain portion of the public) that they try to get people to do things they way the clinic prefers to be sure they get it done right (and sometimes at all). Mom was just more frustrated at the situation.....

Mom saw this and laughed after all the comments about Emma's baths and being a gremlin. We sure hope this don't happen the next time she gets a baff:
Did You Feed Her After Midnight?

Oh - and she says "thanks" for the poor mom comments (mom's spot is on her ankle - you know, Emma height - and mostly cleared up now too) and pffft to the "poor" Emma comments - that girl kitt is fine!  MOL

There was a request for a Bourbon update. We haven't gotten anything recently, though mom does follow his new mom on facebook and sees new pictures. :)  It certainly sounds like he and Goose have their new mom and dad RIGHT where they want them......  Mom had emailed their new mom about Bourb's knees and what their vet said. We believe the official medical term used was "weird". Who knew?  MOL 

The boys and mom are doing great after surgery. It never fails to amuse how quickly young male kittens bounce (sometimes literally) back from being neutered. Mom needs to determine now who is going where and when for adoptions. Oh - and the clinic aged Mist between 3-4 years old. Just sayin'

 Emma and the boys are having a good time running around. And Mist is right in on the games too. It is fun to watch as the kittens get bigger and the moms start to play. :)


  1. Oh my! Mist DOES look just like my Mama Madison! Those twin tails are remarkable :)

    I'm bathing FIVE shortly. If they're gremlins, I'm in trouble.

  2. So sorry to hear about the SECOND Fire. THAT is really troubling.

  3. Oh Cod, more lost ones? We thinks some place needs to be checked out carefully.

  4. I wonder what is going on to cause the fires?

  5. Purrs for the shelter cats who lost their lives, and for the animals that are now without a place to go!

  6. Love lots of updates! We all need to think of fire plans just in case. Purrs for those who didn't make it and extra purrs for those who need a new home.

  7. de blessings oh st francis ta de kittehs..peepulz two...frum de fires; we hope de arson squad is werkin triple OT on this...


    we noe that HAZ ta bee scaree

    heerez ta a grate week oh end for everee one :)

  8. Never a dull moment.
    I'm sorry to hear of another fire.

  9. That is awful there was another fire. And scary. My human heard that sometimes fires happen if the dryer vents aren't cleaned out regularly (not that this was the cause of these particular fires, just that it is a common cause) - you can guess what she is looking into having done!

  10. That's really scary about the second fire. :(
    It's really nice to see when Momcats relax enough to start playing.

  11. That is very scary (and sad) about the fires.

  12. Oh my gosh, a second fire! That's scary and I hope they are not related because that is even more scary!
    Purring for all involved.

  13. A second fire? That's downright scary! And so very sad. Please make sure you guys stay safe, OK?
    Play bows

  14. a second fire is downright alarming!! I do hope they are not related, but if they are I so hope they figure it out right quick!!

  15. So sorry to hear of the second fire. It's so frightening to think any animals losing their lives in a fire - they are so helpless. I hope they find the cause - perhaps another fire can be prevented.

    The kittens are so darn cute! It must be a madhouse around there sometimes (most of the time, LOL)

    Take care,

  16. A second fire? Very scary...cruel fate. We hope investigators figure out the cause--purrs to all.

    One thing we can say: Your mom probably never has a chance to be bored or to dwell unnecessarily on unhappy things--she'd be too busy with all the kitten craziness. :-)

  17. That is really scary about the second fire. We sure hope they are not related.
    Thanks for the update on Bourbon. Sounds like he has things under control.
    Glad the boys are doing well after their surgery.
    Have a great Sunday.

  18. Those fires are so scary. We hope they are not related!

  19. We are so very sorry to hear about the second fire. Sending pawsitive thoughts to everyone and comforting purrs.

  20. Oh mowzers, you just sent mommy into heart palpitations with the news about that FIRE. We cannot believe you guys had a second one. And we're beyond sorry that another two fosters lives were lost....

    Good news all around it sounds, on the spay/neuter front. Yes, those boyz sure know how to bounce back don't they?


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