Friday, January 11, 2013

Random Fridays

A note about Fred: mom is the one who gave her the nickname and mom is the only person allowed to call her that.....
Inline image 1  Please go check on Marg and Ande - Ande is having some health issues. Miss Marg does so much for all of us here on the CB and needs our help....

Eileen mentioned on Monday that she bets Emma likes Nurdle cause he is her size. Actually, for being about 3 weeks YOUNGER, Nurdle is actually BIGGER than Emma.....

Keep in mind that Judy and Emma are both about 12-13 weeks old. Nurdle is about 9 weeks old. hmmmmm 

Our friend over at Feral Cat Behavior is eligible for a prize in the Shelter Contest....


Remember Eclipse from this summer???? Well, she didn't like it at the shelter much - she would growl and hiss at the other cats and try to slap volunteers (she is front declawed). Well......

On facebook on Tuesday, mom discovered that Eclipse was ADOPTED on Monday!!! Concats to her and her new family....we are glad they saw past her scared attitude and decided to give her a chance. They commented on the picture and said she was very relaxed and sleeping already at the house. :)

Thanks for all the comments about Tim and Tom on Tuesday.... (say that 10 times fast).  Mom says she isn't opposed to a full extraction, but doesn't want that to be the first option. Plus it sounds like everyone else out there is having the crazies, so mom says maybe the boys just lost their minds temporarily.  Hard to say.... at least we aren't telling. :)  Oh, and Tim seems to feel better some days than others, so yes, he was running around playing with the laser, but he is also still kinda hissy some times.....
Mom talked to our v-e-t Dr T yesterday and she wants mom to get Tim in to see a pet dentist. Cause even if it is stomatitis, that doesn't explain his reluctance to open his mouth or some of the other things mom has been seeing. Tim goes Monday to meet Dr. Tom.....(no, even we couldn't make up something like that...Tim going to see Dr Tom...hahaha)

Mom was hesitant to talk about this, but wants to throw it out there. A couple came in last weekend and said they were interested in Gin. Everything looked good until mom was going over Gin's medical records. Since the kitts were tiny when they were caught, their mom Allie was tested. It is policy of the rescue that if mom is tested and comes back negative, the kitts are not re-tested unless something arises that would make us think they have been exposed to something (mom is negative, kitts are negative - they get their antibodies from her). The lady freaked way was she bringing a cat into her house that hadn't been tested. Mom tried to explain and she wasn't listening. Mom thought about trying to make another option for this couple, but decided that she wasn't going to cave to this woman.  We understand that people want to see "the test" on their cat - but this woman wouldn't listen to mom's explanation. (and her husband rolled his eyes at mom behind the lady's back, so we suspect she may just be like this)

Which leads us to this....we understand that not everyone does rescue. We understand that not everyone knows the ins and outs. But WHY do people have to act like they are doing us a favor by applying and adopting animals???  We heard more people complain about adoption fees and policies that we should. So, the next time you go to adopt, please understand that rescues are all different but they do things for a reason.....and the protection and happiness of the animal is their first priority (or at least it should be - some rescues are better than others).

And so, Gin is still waiting for her forever family.
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  1. All of us kitties have been adopted, even the angel ones. We have always been so grateful to those who volunteer at shelters (we did, too). Maybe the kitty was better off without the lady..that may not have been the best home for her anyway.

    Everyone else looks healthy and growing..we're so happy to see that!

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Hmm...I don't like when people think they are doing "favors" either have the love for a furry in your heart and are willing to take the responsibility upon yourself to take care of this soul or you are not. I think some adoption fees are TOO LOW...we want animals adopted by people that are responsible...not people who are hoarders or who will think of this as a fun trip for a while and then get off at the next station. I think Gin's right family will come around...and besides, if that woman wanted to get a test done so badly, she could have adopted and then gone to her own vet...which is always recommended no matter where you get the furry from...sheesh!!
    Much Love,
    Mindy :)

  3. Mindy said all just right. And it is so true that if the Mom is negative, so are the kittens. The people that complain about fees and tests etc. should try the fostering for a month and see how it feels. There is so much work and money that goes into the rescued cats. Glad you didn't let that woman have Gin.
    Thanks a bunch for the shout out for us. It is so awesome all the support we are getting. It is just plain amazing. Take care.

  4. when they act like we should be falling all over them because they are there, that I draw the line at. No, we won't spend all the money on rescuing the animals then just GIVE them to you (along with a carrier or a leash and a tag and a toy and a bed) - and no, we don't prefer to kill the animal over giving it to you, we just know there are people out there who APPRECIATE the situation and aren't going to demand everything of us..

    but as someone who had a situation where the mom was tested and the kittens assumed to be negative and having it end badly - I don't think it unreasonable to test a kitten that wasn't specifically tested for a person *if they are reasonable*

    Congratulations to Eclipse!

    LOL@ Dr. Tom.. that is too cute. can't wait to hear all about it.

  5. We're sure that Gin will find the perfect home, NOT with that crazy woman! And quite right about testing kittens. My sweet Yuu-Chan who died of FeLV was actually tested, and the results were negative, when he was just a few months old... That is why not only do you need to wait, but you then have to test them twice for it to be conclusive.

  6. if we get sided tracked heer pleez ta eggs cuse coz mom be typin at werk N de boss sneeked in go bak home will ya

    tim: pleez ta show yur mom this link...we gettted this frum another pal tim from tomcat commentary

    it be a link for sum mews bout fosters N sum tax ree leef

    also, pleez ta tell yur mom ta chek with yur regular vet ta see if ewe haz ever had a heart test

    BEE FORE de dentist vet does any kinda any thing ta yur teeths....seer ee iz lee dood....trooly N reeely

    N gin, itz knot ment for ewe ta bee with that other ladee...stay wear ewe iz

    eclipse...way happee ya getted a forever fishes two ewe

    and we hope everee one haza FABulous flounder fryday anda grate week oh end !!

    OK then.....

  7. That's great news about Eclipse! We hope she'll be happy in her forever home. :)
    We hope Dr Tom is able to tell you what's bothering Tim's mouth.

  8. Gin will find her right furever home -- I don't believe it was with that lady.

  9. If I could I would take them all in but I can't. I can only afford the four I have. But I have always taken them in out of love for the animal and nothing else.

  10. We are both adopted and we luff our furever home. We often hear our mama say forever is forever so I hope all the kitties get their forever homes too.

    Emma and Buster

  11. Paws up for Eclipse! She is a very pretty girl and some cats don't do well at all in a shelter situation (I know I wouldn't, and now that she is an adult, I don't think Binga would either. OR Boodie - she was semi-feral at the rescue and reverts to that when scared).

    I don't get humans with an attitude. We cats are doing them a favor by gifting them with our presence. So we are the only ones who are allowed attitudes. I think you should have told this woman that... but then, I don't think that would have improved things.

  12. We appreciate that rescues keep the protection and welfare of the animal #1!!! People are ... well, people. You know.
    Way to go, Eclipse!!!
    Good luck to Tim with the tooth fairy!
    Play bows,

  13. Precious little girl. I hope she finds her home. xxoo

  14. Some humans just don't understand...and don't want to. We hope you can figure out what's going on with Tim.

  15. ohhhhhhhh, we had to calm mommy down before she posted. People who are UNinformed (that's a much kinder word than the one SHE used) drive her NUTS. There's a reason why you have to wait to be retested. And try explaining to someone what a "weak positive" is, too.


    As for the rest...we'll just point up to Connie's comment and say "what SHE said" and leave it at that!

  16. Everyone has said it, so I'll just say: Some people.. yeesh

    Purring for Tim, and think it's perfect that he's going to Dr. Tom!

  17. Tim, we hope that Dr.Tom finds out what is ailing you and fixes it in a hurry! It sounds as though Gin is better off without that silly attention seeking woman.Gin, your heart family is out there and they will love you with all their hearts when they adopt you :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  18. How frustrating. When I was breeding, I would test my adult cats every year but didn't test the kittens as I had never had a positive. I would let the new owners know that their vet might want to test the kittens because not all breeders are honest etc and that was ok protocol.

    In kittens we see where I work, that come from a shelter or rescue, we would recommend that the kittens be tested in 3-6 months as it is possible that the mother was incubating FeLv or FIV when she was tested. In fact, we recommend even if the kittens were tested negative, that they be retested in 3-6 months too.


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