Thursday, January 3, 2013

a couple of short term newbies....

Judy (above) and Maxine (below) 

With the boys leaving on Sunday and an adoption from Petco (no, not Gin sigh.....), we were down a cat at Petco and it was just us and Emma here. So Mom spoke to Miss Beckie about playing a game of musical cats to Petco. Miss Beckie was going to give us a little guy to keep Emma company, but then decided maybe to send a couple of her shyer kittens to us.

Judy went to Petco yesterday. She is not quite as skittish as Maxine.

Mom laughed at Emma.....when the new kittens were released into the bathroom, Maxine ran and hid and Judy sat on the blankets. Emma of course had followed mom in - looking for something to eat of course. She came over, sat in front of Judy, tilted her head to one side....and whapped Judy on the head (not hard, but still). Emma has been trying to play with Judy - though not overly successfully.  :)

Maxine is gonna need some work - right now she is running from mom and everyone else here. But heaven help us she is a cutie (mom just has to get a better picture).

Loved all the comments yesterday. We know when fosters come in that the plan is to find them homes and watch them leave. But Bourb (and by extension Shine) were the exceptions - due to special needs and just the length of time they were here.  There were tears, but they were happy tears. Mom knows this special couple is the right place for the kids...... And don't worry - we will keep you updated. :)


  1. It must be so hard when they go, even tho they're going to good homes.

  2. Judy is cute and too funny Emma whapping her on the head. Emma, you are going to be all right in this world.
    I am so glad to hear we are going to have updates on the Bourb.
    Take care.

  3. congratulations on the new additions :) I'm sure she'll be lovin on you in no time..

    Emma.. whapping is a little rude unless asked for..

  4. R mom wood be cryin like a wee babee; then her prob ablee wood say... oh noe; de kittehz hafta stay heer...


    welcome max and judy... !!!

  5. Judy is a pretty girl. I have a soft spot for grey kitties

  6. Hi Girls!
    We're so glad you're going to keep us updated on Bourb and Moonshine. I'm going to miss those kit-cats!
    Play bows,

  7. Emma sounds like quite a character. A lovable one! Does she miss da Bourb?

  8. I gotta say, all that you do always makes my heart smile. Thank you!

  9. Aw, Maxine looks like a sweetie (and Judy, too).

  10. The gray one looks like my kitty sister

  11. Judy looks a lot like our sisfur Silver who ran to the Bridge in 2009. But she isn't like Silver 'cuz our sisfur didn't like any cats other than Sasha.

    We think Maxine is very pretty - she'll learn to love it there too we is sure.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  12. We love that there is allus room at yer place fer newbies.


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