Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bourbon and Moonshine.....

It has been a slightly quieter weekend around here.  See, Friday night mom got a text from the rescue lady. Someone had stopped by the rescue center.....they were dropping off donations but wanted to ask about Bourbon after seeing him on Petfinder.

Now, mom will admit that her heart skipped a beat.  But, she did the right thing and called them. They had a previous special needs cat from the same rescue. That cat developed a neurological issue and ended up losing feeling in his back legs. He only lived about 18 months, but mom said you could tell they loved him very much. They spoke about Bourbon's issues and mom mentioned his brother Moonshine was living here too. They made an appointment to meet both boys on Sunday.

    what the carp is all that white stuff??? 

                                    Shine doing his cat tree inspection

    yes, that is Emma curled up with da Bourb

So Sunday morning mom packed up the boys and met this very nice couple. No kids, no other animals. Mom got there early enough to get Bourbon out and on his leash/harness and comfortable. The couple showed up and they started talking and mom handed over Bourbon. Logan (the dad) is pretty tall and has a beard. Bourbon did his lean back and give you the "look" thing - and then reached out to touch Logan's beard. Too funny.  Moonshine came out and was loved on by Laura for a few minutes. They talked about helping Moonshine adjust and his favorite trick of carrying around a ball in his mouth and throwing it down the stairs to chase it.

They fell in love with both boys and adopted them that morning. Mom said did say that they were adopting two kittens and a potential stalker - which they are ok with.

Mom is a little sad, but knows that this couple is well equipped to care for Bourbon, accepts both boys for who they are and are just what mom could hope for. They have moved furniture and built stairs for their previous cat and couldn't wait to get them home. Mom knew the only way Bourbon was leaving here was with the "perfect" family.  And they were open to adopting Moonshine too. :)

Good luck and much love to Bourbon, Moonshine and their new mom and dad......

We gotted an update:

Bourbon has been playing all day! He's still a little 
skittish around us, but has ventured into my lap a 
few times. Grey Goose (fka Moonshine- we decided 
to only rename him to play off his coloring) spent 
most of the afternoon hiding under the couch. He was 
pretty shy at first but he's slowly been exploring the 
place with Bourbon this evening and the 2 of them have 
been napping together and sharing toys and taking turns 
using the litterboxes. We just love them already 
and are so happy to have them as our little family!


  1. This made us a little sad but also very happy that da Bourb and Grey Goose are with such a wonderful Mom and Dad who are going to absolutely love them! Have a happy life, boys!

  2. That is good to hear! The couple sound very loving!


  3. As hard as it is to let them go, it's so rewarding to know they are in a loving forever together home. I am so glad they got the chance to be adopted by such a loving couple. It is a good start to this very new year.

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  5. Jeanne, I'm so happy for them. The humans sound wonderful, the perfect caretakers for them both. What a fabulous start to 2013. :-)

  6. I don't know why I'm feeling all weepy eyed! I feel so sad to see gorgeous Bourbon and Moonshine aka Grey Goose leave as they were full of personality and pizzaz!! Awwww but they are now with the perfect family and are as loved and enjoyed and welcomed!! So these are also tears of joy!!

    What a great start to the new year! Take care

  7. A successful adoption is a happy and sad time for the rescuer. It'll always be that way for someone who cares. I'm glad for Bourbon and Moonshine. Thanks to you, they've landed in a wonderful home.

  8. I was so sure your mom was gonna keep Bourbon..

    I had to laugh at the stalker comment.. um, you did tell them there is a whole legion of people on the net who so totally want to stalk them right??

  9. That is just amazing news! It does sound like the perfect family plus having the two brothers adopted together is ideal. What a great way to start the new year.

  10. Jeanne,
    This was such an uplifting post that I think all of us cat lover's needed to start the year off right. I'm so happy for The Bourb and for Grey Goose (Moonshine).
    Much Love,
    Mama Mindy of The Slimmer Pugs & Purrs

  11. Of course you are sad to see the two boys leave, but it does sound like a perfect home for them and how wonderful that they were able to go together. Live long and prosper, Boys!

    The Chans

  12. What wonderful news. SUPER way to start the New Year off!!!

  13. Oh my goodness! Oh my GOODNESS!!! I didn't expect this! I'm so happy for Moonshine/Grey Goose and da Bourb!!! WOW!!!! I'm so glad they updated you already - I hope they do that a lot. Bourbon's got quite the fan base out there, you know!!!
    Play bows,

  14. We are very sad too just because we won't see the Bourb any more but that couldn't have been a more perfect home for him and for the Grey Goose. It sure sounds like they are going to be well loved. And Bourb will never lack for any good care as much as I wanted you to keep him. Take care.

  15. I am going to miss those two, but I am so happy for them! It is always so awesome when kitties like Bourbon find the right homes, and this one is definitely it for both him and Moonshine!

  16. Woo hoo! We'll miss the Bourb too but we are sooooo happy for him and Moonshine (Grey Goose :))!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  17. de veree best fishes two ewe bourbon N moonshine; now goose... on yur forever home..we hope ewe both haza soooper grate awesum pawsum familee N ya both enjoy yur new home and celebrate 37 mor gotcha days with them; and in like yeerz that wood make ewe both be like 368 yeers old !!!

    saweet !!


  18. How nice that the perfect parents were found. I'm sure you'll miss them but I think they are going to be spoiled!

  19. OMC! How wonderful for them both! We are happy and hope we hear updates from them from time to time. Hugs and purrs from your friends at

  20. The perfect way to make the winter blues go away... Sounds perfect all around!

    Happy Mew 'Ear to you, too!

  21. There are tears of joy in Mom's eyes. She says thank Cod for good people like you and the family that adopted both boys!

    We is going to miss seeing da Bourb's antics but are grateful he and his brofur have found their furever home!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  22. This is a good way to start off the year.

    I'm so glad that Bourbon and Moonshine (Grey Goose) found a GREAT home.

  23. Oh my gosh! What a shock! What a happy surprise! What an amazing couple! What lucky kitties! I'm sad to not be seeing the Bourb any more, but wow! Sounds like this was the perfect situation!
    Can you talk them into starting a blog?? :)

  24. Bittersweet in a way but what a perfect forever family for Bourbon and Moonshine. We know they will be loved and cherished and safe. You did a great job preparing them for their future and are a true loving parent in making the decision to let them go where they will thrive. You are amazing in that you do exactly that so often without letting your attachments get in the way.

  25. We are so happy to see that Bourbon and Moonshine have got a great furever home.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  26. Oh MOWZERS, da Bourb has a Forever Home!! *madly cat dancing around in glee!*

    Mommy MOLed at the stalker comment- the adopters at Wayside often end up with several of us who do that!!


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