Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Chaos - part deux

Our friend Squashies is running for the Bridge today. She has been sick for a while and she let her mom know it is time to go. Please go give them love and support.


Saturday morning the phone rang - WAY before we were out of bed. Mom checked her voicemail a little later and it was grandma. And she sounded a whole lot better. Interesting....

Mom called to check on the kittens. The phone lady said the test results were negative and they were still getting fluids. What tests mom asked? The tests the vet ran. (no? really???? ugh - and still not sure what all of them were)

Mom then got a call from Petco. Seems that the kittens were causing some issues and Gin was VERY angry and someone used the bed as a litterbox. Could mom please come pick up Gin and give her some R and R at our house and oh by the way Mystic is snotty too? sigh.....  So Gin is back here now too. She spent about the first hour back running around and hissing and growling and has since calmed down and is playing with Bourbon and Moonshine. Mystic will be heading to Miss Beckie's house.

 hey Bourb - mom says it isn't funny

In the meantime, mom was checking online as she was part of a transport on Saturday. And this time??  Kitties!!! Two senior cats has been saved and were on their way to their forever homes!! A great private group called URRKN  was arranging their transport and it went through our hometown.

Grandpa called and said that grandma had made some major progress and they were sending her.... HOME!! Yeah......

Mom left for the transport which went well - though wet. Mom says there is nothing fun about getting soaked then driving an hour on leather seats. MOL Other than the rain, it all went well and the kitties got to their new home on Sunday.

After mom got home, we met her at the door for dinner. But mom noticed that Cleo was on the back of the sofa and didn't get up. Mom fed us and then went to check on Cleo. Mom wasn't sure what was going on until Cleo stretched. And then it dawned on mom - 36 hours with no kittens and Cleo is still nursing. Oops.... so, back to the 24 hour v-e-t. They finally put mom and Cleo in a room and brought in the kittens. Cleo got mugged.

So, as of today: Gin and Moonshine are still here. Cleo and the kittens came home (but could still use some purrs - they still isn't 100%). Grandma is home and doing ok as well. We did get an application on one of the little kittens from Petco and she is heading home tonight. Oh, and now Moonshine is sneezing. And the flashy box is still missing. Mom left for work mumbling something about string and ears and needed a drink and it is only Tuesday but we aren't sure what she is talking about. 


  1. Sounds like things are busy around your house. Glad everyone is on the mend. Hope they stay that way.Those kittens are too cute. Sounds like a good stiff drink is in order. Take care.

  2. Those kittens are so cute and we love their colours.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Thise little ones are soooooo sweet. We are very sad about our dear friend Squashies.

  4. It sounds like it is all working out, but that is too many adventures for a short time. We hope the rest of the week is quiet! Lee and Phod

  5. I think your mom needs more of the real gin and bourbon and less of the feline gin and bourbon.

  6. wow, that is some chaos..

    so cute to see Cleo get mugged :)

    paws crossed and purrs purred for the grandma, for cleo, and moonshine and that you find the flashy box.

  7. WE're so sad about our pal Squashies. We were over there earlier to offer hugs and comforting purrs.

    Those little bebbehs are so adorable! We're glad that everyone is doing better.

  8. All that activity and news must be exhausting! I hope you have time to catch your breath.

  9. We think this is generally a pretty good update! Though we think your Mom has earned her drink. ;)

  10. Busy, busy bees you all are! Sending purrs for a calmer week.


  11. Holy Smokes! Talk about busy! How in the world do you keep track of who you have when the revolving door goes so fast!?
    Hugs for all you do! you're amazing woman!

  12. I am devestated about dear Squashies. I had hopes that her interferon would work always. That is inexperience and hope on my part. Precious girl is now resting and no longer sick, God speed dear little girl.

    As for your brood there...whew!

  13. It's so sad about Squashies, she will be missed.

    The rest of the news is pretty good and it appears to be heading in the right direction. Hope the babies feel better very soon!

  14. OMD...Your poor Mom. We think she may need some R & R pretty soon.

  15. I love those tiny kitties~!!
    And hugs to your mommy for us.

  16. YIKES, what a couple of days! I hope everyone is doing better!
    Sending husky hugs to your mom!
    Play bows,

  17. YAY for Gramma! And healing purrs for Moonshine and the sneezing...!


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