Friday, October 26, 2012

Random Fridays....

Leo that mom did the home visit for (HV report) was adopted and went home last weekend. :)

Mom got an update on Sallie Mae. Her name is now Molly and she is doing very well in her new home. Her new house has lots of windows and her dad (a single retired guy) says she loves to run around trying to get the chipmunks.

What? It's blockin' my sun
Apparently Junior did not approve of how open mom made the curtains.

When mom brought the new kitts here from Miss Chrystal's, you will remember she stopped to pick up a couple of bloodhounds.  Mom read last weekend on OBR's facebook page that Bonnie crossed the Bridge. They found a mast cell tumor on her leg and she had to be helped over. They were hoping to give her a little more time and get her into a foster home, but the vet said she was suffering. We are sending purrs to her buddy Clyde who is missing her very much. (if you hover over the picture, you can read the note from the rescue)
Photo: It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the passing of one of our newest rescues, Bonnie (of the bonded pair Bonnie & Clyde).  

Bonnie entered rescue in rough shape, yet there was no evidence that with some much needed TLC that Bonnie would not thrive and that we couldn't restore her health.  

Sadly, our dream for Bonnie was crushed overnight when a small lump on her leg caused extensive swelling and pain.  When examined by the veterinarian it was discovered that Bonnie had a very aggressive form of mass cell cancer that had already progressed into her lymph-nodes.  We hoped that we could at least keep her comfortable and pain free, so she could live some time in the care of a loving foster home, but the vet advised the cancer was too far advanced.   Bonnie passed over the rainbow bridge on 10.19.12.  As a final humane gesture, OBR had Bonnie privately cremated and her ashes returned to us.  Our hope is Bonnie's remains can stay with Clyde, her lifetime partner...

OBR is indebted to all those that gave of themselves and showed their compassion to Bonnie and Clyde.  Our drivers, Connie, Darlene and Jeretta, we thank you... 

Clyde. mourning the loss of his companion, will need us all the more.  If you are able to foster Clyde, please contact OBR at

We loves reading comments. Several people Wednesday wanted to know if we whap over the top level of the cat tree. Depends on who is up there first: Tim is usually up for company. Tommy holds his ground and smacks down introoders. Mo will get up and leave. Ivy can't get up there. Junior generally gets up and leaves too. Maestro and Spud just don't go up there. And the kittens? Every man/woman for themselves!!!

Priscilla wanted to know if "Junior Power Bourbon" was a drink. Not right now, but something to consider (mom says especially if she has to talk to one more crazy person at work this week - of course then it won't be a Junior).

Mom put up the baby gate in front of the bathroom door while the other gate was being used for baby jail. It is warm enough here  (and no windows in the bathroom) that mom wanted to do some air circulation. The gemstone kitts thought the new gate was AWESOME!!

Oh, and Emma has figured it out - mom found her in the hallway...TWICE!!! Time to go to the other gate.


  1. Those gemstone kitties are just that--gems. But full of mischief, too. So adorable.

    We're so sorry to read that Bonnie had to be helped to the Bridge, poor sweetheart. Purrs to Clyde and to all who cared for her.

  2. Oh they are so GORGEOUS! Mom and I think all of the babies and the grown ups too are gorgeous. xox

  3. Such sweeties!!! I am so sorry to hear about sweet Bonnie, that is way too sad :(

  4. That is so sad about Bonnie. She sure was a pretty girl.
    Those kittens are just the best. Not surprised some of them figured out how to get out.

  5. Hooray for Molly's happy update! Lishy loves to play with the curtains just like Junior. The Gemstone kittens are getting cuter every time we see them!

    We send soft purrs to Clyde and all those who loved Bonnie.

  6. Those gemstones really do look like a bunch of little gems!

    The Chans

  7. Those kit-cats are little gems, alright!!! Way to figure out the gate! Ha roo roo roo!!!
    We were really happy to hear about Leo and Molly - but so sorry about Bonnie! We are thankful that she knew love before she crossed over.
    Play bows,

  8. That is a shame about Bonnie but better helped to the bridge than suffer.

    Those gemstone kittens are precious

  9. Soft purrs for Bonnie and her family left behind. Thanks for the good update on Sallie Mae/Molly! Those sure are rascally kittens! So cute and smart too! Purrs...

  10. The kittens look so big! Have a great day. Hailey and Zaphod

  11. Our heart purrs to Clyde, we can only imagine how he's missing Bonnie.

    (Junior, you made us MOL! Obviously that curtain was not open far enough!)

  12. So many things... and Yay for all of them! Except for poor Bonnie and Clyde.. I bet he's missing her, poor fella.
    Star does that same thing that Junior is with the curtains! She always had to have a claw in them, when we HAD curtains........
    Love them babies!

  13. Great updates! Sorry to hear about Bonnie but so glad she wasn't alone when it was her time to go.
    The kittens are adorable little mischief makers! Emma is a little too clever :)

    the critters in the cottage xo


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