Friday, September 14, 2012

Random Fridays.....

Matilda lost her eye....a while ago. In fact it is all healed up and she acts like she has no idea she is different (couldn't you humans take a lesson from that?). Mom found out more info too. Seems she was at a shelter north of us and scheduled to be euthanized since the place couldn't afford to remove her eye. A local vet (who also runs the low cost clinic where our fosters are spayed/neutered) helps out up there, saw her and grabbed her and her sister, did the surgery and then asked the shelter where mom volunteers if they could place them. Matilda, like most animals, has no idea she is different. And since that part of her face is black, you really can't tell anything is different about her unless you look close. YEAH for Dr D for saving her and her sister. :)

Several people made comments about the fuzziness of Spud. Yep - he was a tiny fuzzy man. Like lots of medium haired kittens, they have to grow into their fuzzies....until then they kinda look like they have been electrocuted.

Gin and Moonshine at the clinic today for their gardenectomies. Which means they will be on their way to Petco looking for their forever homes probably next week (we like to give 'em a few days to recover after surgery).

We have had a new girl kitty hanging around outside the house. Mom has been leaving food out for Allie (the mom to the alcohol kittens) and apparently attracted this new girl.

When mom saw her again Wednesday morning, she made a couple of calls and got an appointment at the clinic where Shine and Gin are having surgery. And then mom didn't see the girl cat again.

Until last night (lucky) was talking to a neighbor and the girl came running around the next building over. So mom coaxed her over and set her up in the garage in a big crate until this morning. discovered she is front declawed.

Off to the clinic this am. They are testing her and vaccinations given. They found a spay scar but no microchip. They think she is about 3-4 years old. Mom named her Eclipse.


  1. Thanks for saving Eclipse! The outside is NO PLACE for a declawed kitty!

  2. Poor little thing. It is tough in the outside without claws.

  3. Awwwww yay for helping out this de-clawed tortie sweetie!! Poor thing!! But she's safe now - yay!

    Purrs and hugs to Moonshine and Gin!!!

    Matilda is just lovely - thank goodness for the vet who saved her and her sister! Take care

  4. Poor Eclipse. Could she be lost? That's so sad that she's declawed and left to fend on her own outside. :(
    We're so happy for Matilda and her sister.

  5. Purrs to Matilda, Eclipse and the babies getting "gardenectomies." Did you make up that name? It always makes me laugh.

  6. I don't want to point out the obvious (mostly because I'm not a Pointer), but Matilda certainly IS different -- she's GORGEOUS!!! Who couldn't fall in love with her?!!? I just know there's the perfect family out there waiting for her!!!! God bless that vet for taking her and her sister in = and you, too!!!!
    Good luck to Gin and Moonshine!
    Play bows,

  7. Matilda is a lovely girl! And so lucky she was saved!
    And so is Eclipse! I hope she got out by accident and wasn't dumped out.. Poor baby.

  8. *muttering* people.. sigh.. outside, declawed.. ugh.. people..

    but it is people like you who make remember that not all people are people like them. Thank you.

  9. That poor girlkitty, running around outside with no front claws! What is WRONG with humans?! I am glad there is something right with OTHER humans - like you!

  10. Oh, they are ALL adorable. You have a huge heart...thank you for helping these sweeties.
    ; ) Katie

  11. Matilda looks so sweet - almost likes she's a permanent wink!
    Good luck little ones with your surgeries and finding forever homes...we'll miss seeing you.

    Thank goodness for Mom again for rescuing Eclipse...heaven knows what might have happened to a defenseless cat in the outdoors!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku (Mom Eileen)

  12. Ohhh that disturbs us to hear about a front declawed kitty (we hate declawing) but also that she's outside with so little to defend herself with!

    Thinking good thoughts for the two gardenectomy girls!

  13. The kits are looking great. Thank you for taking such great care of them.

    Poor mama cat. So happy there are people like you to balance out the sucky people.


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