Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Best Friends

Bear update: Miss Beckie is taking him today to the adoption center to have him tested and have the vet take a look at him. She has been syringe feeding him and he did start to drink a little KMR on his own. Mom and Miss Beckie suspect that something else may be going on with him but the heat just didn't help things.

I love volunteering at Best Friends. It is so peaceful and just wonderful to be someplace where the welfare of the animals comes above all else. There are perfectly "normal" animals, but there are also those that would never make it in a traditional shelter setting due to illness or medical condition. I certainly hope someday that others will stop their discrimination of cats that aren't "perfect" but until that time I am ever so grateful for Best Friends and other rescues that take in the hard cases.

I spent Friday and Saturday volunteering in Cat World. I have volunteered in Dogtown before, but with the long trip and the heat, I wasn't sure that was such a good idea this trip.

Friday morning I spent in Quincy House which has two FIV+ rooms and some special needs cats. I cleaned and socialized.

Friday afternoon was at Morgaine's Place. While there are some cats with issues there, for the most part these cats are healthy with no major issues. I also helped clean a room and then spent some time sitting around with Mesa and Patrick. Mesa got a bit a 'tude at one point and whapped my hand but Patrick was a true gentleman.



  1. A little had whapping is to be expected. He is a beauty!

  2. purrs for Bear. And I love that last photo, it almost looks like he's winking as if to say lets take the cap off that drink and have a little mayhem shall we?

  3. Oh we sure hope they can help Bear. That sounds like so much fun although work too, just to be there and see a lot of the cats. Mesa is so pretty. I have tons of questions. Are you going to have a question day??
    Take care.

  4. Morgaine's Place sounds very organized. I wish there were such places here. A lot of the privately run "shelters" here are very poorly maintained, due to lack of funds. And our council run shelters are pretty depressing as well. :(
    Is Mesa that tortoiseshell? She's really pretty!

  5. Ooooh! Beautiful kit-cats!
    Sure hope Bear gets some help!
    Play bows,

  6. Hugs and purrs to sweet Bear! Take care

  7. I gather the tortie-and-white girl is Mesa... no surprised about her 'tude - my tortie roommate Binga is whappy too, although mainly to me and Boodie and not so much to the humans.

    Purrs to Bear!!

  8. Purrs for Bear, we hope he pulls through!

    The other two are beautiful too, specially Ms. Mesa who is gorgeous even if a bit of a diva! Love Patrick's wink, what a special boy.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku (Mom Eileen)

  9. How lucky that you got to volunteer at Best Friends!

  10. Purring for Bear!
    That place sounds just wonderful! Always great when poor babies who other people think are not adoptable or deserve to live get to live and prove how sweet they are!

  11. What is wrong with Bear? We hope he will be better soon!!!

  12. We support Best Friends and are so glad that you so generously donate vacation time to volunteer there.

    Can we ask a favor? The Tribute Wall for our Walk to end Cancer is not just for pups. We remember a foster group you had over the winter where the mom tested positive for FIV and so did some of the kitties. Could you send us a photo or two of those precious loves and a little information so that we can add them to our Tribute Wall? We would be proud to have them represented because they are tough little Warriors. sehismith@aol.com

  13. What little darlings! We don't have nice places like that in Malaysia very much except for a few private rescue places. Wish we did but it's unlikely to happen soon.

    Happy World Cat Day!

  14. I have lived with several "not perfect" animals and let me say they are the best!

    Great work and great place for the cats!


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