Wednesday, August 8, 2012

World Cat Day (& Best Friends part 2)

What better way to celebrate then tell you more about the cats at Best Friends. :)

I was spending evenings with DeLynn, her husband Art and their daughter Leah. We ate somewhere different every night and on Saturday night went to see a community production of "7 Brides for 7 Brothers". :)

Saturday I knew where I wanted to volunteer. I headed to Benton's in the morning. Several cats there take walks and I knew morning was the time to do it before the heat of the day. Bob was waiting at the door, but due to spinal damage his bladder needs to be expressed so he can't go for a walk until he pees. So, once they got that done, Bob and I were on our way. He likes to trick-or-treat so we stopped at 3 other cat houses for treats. Everyone knows Bob and has treats ready for him. We may have to start a Bob for President campaign. He also found a red Jeep Cherokee that he seemed to fall in love with and so we spent some time there while he sniffed it all over. 
As you can see, Bob was exhausted after his 30 minute walk. :)
(though most of it was laying around rather than walking)

From there it was on to Koda and Maury. Both were very jealous when Bob left - Koda was crying at the door. Walking cats may be more about wandering and pausing, but it is great to have them be able to get outside and enjoy some enrichment.

In the afternoon, I went over to Casa de Calmar. This cat house is exclusively for FeLV cats. And yes - they do adopt out these cats. They did 11 adoptions last year. Which doesn't sound huge, but considering these cats need to live with other FeLV cats or need to be the only cat due to how the disease is spread, that number is huge. :)

Again, helped clean a room to get ready for the afternoon tours. Even if you don't volunteer but are in the area, you can contact them and see a video and take a tour of the sanctuary.

After cleaning, I wandered some and sat down in room 3. This lovely medium hair brown tabby boy climbed up in my lap and we spent about 20 minutes together. One of the caregivers passed by and stopped. I kind of froze thinking I was doing something wrong. She said no, but that Doug, the cat in my lap, was very shy and didn't normally ask for attention. I told her that he had been in my lap for a while and came up asking for attention. She said "go Doug" and went back to work. Good to know my mojo is still working.  haha

Sunday found me traveling to Las Vegas. I got to spend a couple of hours with Trish the mom from Kapnip Lounge who then kindly took me to the airport. 

It was a fun trip, but I am glad to be home with my cats, the kittens and sleeping in my own bed.

Marg asked yesterday if I am going to have "question day". Sure....if you have questions about volunteering, Best Friends or just about us (haha), post 'em in the comments and I will try to answer them all - maybe Friday.  :)

[Bear update: we aren't sure what is going on with him. the vet looked at him yesterday and said she wasn't sure - which doesn't make me really happy. he is still with Miss Beckie - he will drink a little KMR on his own but she is having to syringe feed him. paws crossed]


  1. Happy World Cat Day.

    Very cool you got to volunteer and that "Doug" wanted lap time. He's lovely, so handsome. :-)

    Also very cool you and Trish were able to connect!

    Purrs and purrayers for Bear.

  2. Wow, those kitties get treated better than some cats that have homes. That is such a terrific place. Will get some questions together for you tomorrow. It is just so great that you got to go there and that Doug sat in your lap. Kitties know who cat people are.

  3. I am sorry Bear is not faring too well. I hope he gets sorted out.

    If that is Doug in the last picture he has the same look in his eye as Sparkle

  4. yea cat mojo!! :) good for Doug for finding a soul he could spend some time with.

  5. Happy World Cat Day! Doug is gorgeous!! Take care

  6. Happy World Cat Day and what better way to celebrate it than to read your post!

    Hugs to all the kitties and purrs especially for Bear.

    Glad you saw Trish, too :)


  7. Hope you're all having a great Happy World Cat Day! One filled with lots of the nip! purrs

  8. Happy World Cat Day! Stinky Goodness for everycat!
    Play bows,

  9. That's so great about Doug. :)
    Happy World CAT Day, Effuryone!

  10. Happy World Cat Day!
    That place sounds like... Cat heaven! How awesome that you got to interact with all those kitties, and yay for Doug! He must have known you were a great cat person!

    Still purring and praying for Bear, hope someone figures out what's going on soon!

  11. What an awesome time you had at Best Friends! Happy World Cat Day!

    I am continuing to purr for Bear.

  12. Happy World Cat Day!
    It sounds as though you had a great trip.Best Friends sounds like a wonderful place :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  13. Whew! I just saw your comment about the 'Vine--I tip a dab on a washcloth and sit back to watch the fun!

  14. You really had a good time...and helped the kitties too!!

    Happy World Cat Day!!

  15. Happy World Cat Day to all the kitties and you too!

    Sounds like quite the trip, though walking cats? When I tried putting Sasha on a leash as a young cat he instantly became a rock. :>)

    We've got our paws, fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for Bear. Seriously we hope the vet figures out very soon what's happening with the little guy.


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