Tuesday, July 17, 2012

walk my cat.....

Quick Amaretto update: she isn't eating much, but still walking around some when mom lets her out. Mom has taken to syringe feeding her KMR and NutriCal in the hopes that it will help some. At least we know she is getting something into her. Mom did get more worried and just for her peace of mind took her to the v-e-t for a quick check (under the term better safe than sorry). It appears the Clavamox is working as the vet checked all the abscesses (even the liver ones - mom likes it when the vets are curious cause they check things but don't charge her) and all of them appear to be smaller. But, Amaretto is anemic and we aren't sure what to do about that. They did get a preliminary report from the lab - something is growing. Really - they typed up a report and faxed it for that??? Mom hopes they can be more definitive today. Oh- and someone asked if the abscesses were lanced - they were on Friday night at the vet and left open so mom can clean them. That being said, the vet last night said that it may required divine intervention in this case - Amaretto is just so tiny. We appreciate your prayers and purrs - please keep sending them!!
In other news, we just heard that K and Alex both ran for the Bridge. We have been purring for them and their families for a while and we have some serious leaky eyes here. We are sending our purrs for them and know that both K and Alex are healthy and running free now.

Mom put Doc on a leash.....

The kid had a lemonade stand on Friday and part of the proceeds went to buy supplies for the shelter. Mom went over and took Doc. Cause he wiggles, she put a harness and leash on him. He didn't seem to mind and actually had a great time outside.

the kid and Doc

And then Sunday, Mom took Doc, Whiskey and Gin to Petco. Doc got bored and LAUNCHED himself at baby gate....and got over (which he hasn't done since at home - goofy boy). Great - so much for that. Mom put him back in and yet once he figured it out, it was all over, so he got to wear the harness and leash at Petco as well.

Gin (front) and Whiskey


  1. We will keep our paws crossed for little Amaretto. Doc sounds like he may be a little too smart for his own good!

  2. Poor little Amaretto. We continue to send purrs and purrayers for her Highest Good.

    Way to go, Doc! You're shaping up to be a terrific troublemaker (the mom's choice of word -- lol).

  3. I am truly purring and praying for Amaretto. This is so sad for her. I hope the power of the prayers will take her up and heal her.

  4. Oh that little Doc's real cute, Weee's hope Amaretto gonna be OK :(

    Hugs Mollie x

  5. WE sure are purring for Amaretto. Just hoping she makes the turn towards recovery. That Gin and Whiskey sure are cute. Hope Bourbon is doing OK. Sending him some purrs too. Take care.

  6. Amaretto, we are sending our best rumbly healing purrs straight to you.

    Doc, you remind us of a little cat who has a name starting with L and rhyming with Fishy.

  7. We´re so sad about the bad news of Alex and K.... Have a good Tuesday.

  8. I am very sorry about little Amaretto. I hope they can fix what is wrong

  9. Oh my goodness! I have a photo of Cosmo and Ling in a similar position like the one of Gin and Whiskey (same markings too!)! So so precious.

    We are keeping our paws crossed that the vet figures out what's "growing" in Amaretto and is able to fix it. We're so amazed that Doc didn't lose his bones while in the harness. Way to go, little guy!

  10. Me and Charlie are sending little sweet Amaretto lots of purrs and hugs! Oh dear, hope the vet's discover what these abscesses are!

    Take care

  11. When I have anemic kittens they get pet-tinic. Fleurp gets anemic and we have no idea why so she gets prednisolone thinking it is her immune system acting up (and it works) and I give her some pet-tinic mixed into baby food.. she LOVES it..

    Parasites cause anemia, like hemobart, as does FIV.. (don't go there mentally, but do run another test if it has been a while)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE doc on a leash!! lol. I used to leash walk kittens for new experiences - now they just come to work with me.

    and that last photo is precious.

  12. Poor Amaretto - I am purring lots more for her! And I do want to say that Divine Intervention has swooped in and helped quite a few kittens!

  13. Doc looks really cool in his harness! Maybe he's a Siberian Husky in disguise!
    We are continuing to pray for little Amaretto.
    Play bows,

  14. I dont know how I missed your posts for a couple of days, but I did! Poor little Amaretto! I hope they figure it out and she gets all better quick!
    Wonderful news about all the adoptions!
    Doc on a leash, far too cute! Very sweet of the kid to donate to the shelter!

  15. Sweet baby Amaretto, we have our paws crossed for you. Hoping the vet gets everything fixed up soon!

    Mom is squealing like a stuck piggy here (be nice!) over the babies. She loves tabbies a lot!

    Now Doc needs how to get out of the harness. Mom used to put one on Sasha when he was little but he could Houdini out of that in mere seconds.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku (Mom Eileen)

  16. Continuing to send White Dog healing energy to Amaretto. If dad wasn't allergic to kitties bigtime, Doc sounds like he would be a perfect addition to the WDA...even if he ISN'T a woofie!

  17. Doc, we admire your spunk but please be careful!

    Purring that Amaretto pulls through.

  18. Thank you so much for posting about alex's passing... This is a very difficult time for marc & me but the support we have received from you and the entire CB has helped us greatly.....


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