Friday, June 15, 2012


It may be the spice of life, but right now, it just makes mom's eyes roll in her head.  MOL

Us: we is all doing good. Maestro has his bad moments when his mind wanders off...somewhere. But mostly he is doing good. Junior and Spud insist on occasionally trying to kill each other and Mom is trying to diffuse it all. She was hoping the trees would help, but they still cross paths in a couple of tight corners and then the name calling starts....sometimes she can diffuse it and sometimes she doesn't see them.

Wendy and the fast food kittens:

Wendy is a bit.....angry. Mom tried to put the outlaws in the bathroom to make it easy. Nope - she whapped Doc. And while she had been staying in the bathroom behind the baby gate, the other night she decided to sit OUTSIDE the gate. Which puts her right in front of the door to the room with our stuff. And she growls and hisses and calls us names. Oh, and she was singing the "let me out" song several times last night. Which is weird since she doesn't even LIKE being out.....

The kitts are doing well. They are scheduled to be neutered on the 21st, but mom isn't sure they are all going to make weight. Something about running off as many calories as they take in. MOL

The outlaws:

Doc Holiday & Mustang Sally are doing well. Still kinda tiny, but outgoing. And Sally is ALWAYS hungry!! If mom gets up for something, Sally is sure it is to feed her NOW!!!! She follows mom around screaming. Mom feeds them canned 3-4 times per day - but she has to supervise since we kinda...well...may not leave them alone. :)
Allie and her kittens:

With a negative test, it is now just about giving the kittens time to grow. They are in what mom calls the "ewok" stage. MOL Allie is eating and caring for the kids - though not a fan of mom. Or us for that matter - Tommy snuck down there and the cursing was pretty bad (from Allie and from mom). Mom wishes she had some tech skills cause it would be nice to put a web cam on the cage to see what they are doing down there (and when the kittens start eating on their own). But, Allie seems ok for now...
[ps from this morning - mom went down to clean up and feed everyone. most of the kittens came forward to greet her. AND...she saw the little gray (male) baby eating the dry food - hehehe]

And a picture of the kid. Mom spent Wednesday at the zoo with her....

The polar bears were AWESOME!!!


  1. Hi all of you. Wow, there sure is a lot of you! Remember you came to visit me a week or so ago? Well Mum's revamped the site, not happy as that Fur balls in it!! I like you fur balls:)
    Come play
    Licky licks
    Princess Mollie x
    mollie and alfie

  2. Geez O Pete! Never a dull moment at your house! Makes my house seem rather boring. All my packmates wanna do all day is sleep!

  3. I think that Jeanne needs some more kittens. MOL. So glad to see that the outlaws are doing all right. And that the wild ones are doing well too. And then the other bunch. That is one big bunch of kittens. Too bad you can't just put them all together. LOL.HOpe you are able to have a good week end.

  4. Those little outlaws are just too adorable!

  5. Thanks for the updates - it sounds like your Mommie may need a vacation soon!

  6. The little ones are so very cute. I smile every time I see them

  7. Polar Bears are in deed AWESOME!! :)

    Just so you know, spice doesn't go IN your eye.. might explain why your eyes are rolling around.. ;)

    I don't think she is singing the let me out song, I think it is the "wait on me" song.. She just wants to know that if you are going to lock her up she will still be attended to.

    You know, if you get a box with a kitten sized hole in it, Sally could eat and be left alone..

    EWOK!! Oh I so love that. I'm going to steal that too (along with baby jail)

  8. Wow! You guys are overrun with cute kittens! How do you get any sleep?

    We think your Mom is more than awesome for taking care of so many babies.

  9. Good to hear that it's down to a DULL roar there...MOL!

  10. You've sure got a houseful! All the babies are soooooo cute. Glad to hear the outlaws are doing well.
    Good luck with the neuters.

  11. OMG!!! The babies are so cute!!!

  12. We haven't visited in awhile. Wow, those kits are sweet.

  13. Whoah! That's a LOT of kitties to deal with!

  14. Awww.....such cute babies one and all! In reading your post, the word "busy" comes to mind ... and that would be an understatement!

  15. You deserve a lot of credit for taking such good care of so many of the little kitts! They are so cute and they seem to be everywhere..!! LOL

    Nice, sunny photo of the polar bears and the other "little kid." :)


  16. I dont know how you keep it straight when you have so many babies in the house! But I wish i was there to snuggle each and every one of them!

  17. So many sweet kitties!!! Bless you for taking such wonderful care of them.
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  18. Holy crazy full house at your place right now! Spice is right! Spicier is even more right :p
    Have fun with all those cutie patooties. You are doing a great job :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo


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