Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Not what we planned....

Mom got an email about a week ago from.... Bug's mom!!! Not a Bug update though - they have a momma cat and kittens and needed some help and suggestions.

Mom looked back at the blog and realized not all of you may know about Bug. She was found Labor Day 2010 and was mom's first (and really only) bottle baby. That is the tiny white kitten you saw yesterday. She is now a year and a half old. Her mom says she isn't too wild about new people but LOVES her daddy. You can read more about her here.  Mom got to scratch her ears and love on her a little. She has grown into quite the big girl!! And she is a biter too..... some people's kids (wait - that would be our fault - oh well).

But, the call was really about the mom and kittens. The goal was to leave the kittens with mom and keep an eye on them. But, the kittens were getting bigger and the kids were getting worried. Mom agreed to help them with the kittens and the goal was to trap the mom, give her time in a crate with the kittens until they were weaned and then spay/release mom.

Mom ended up taking the kittens and the trap was set. And we caught.....a male orange tabby. Took him to be neutered (one more stop on mom's adventure Tuesday). The family agreed to keep the trap and try again. As of this morning, they have 2 traps and caught: a raccoon and another orange male tabby. That momma cat is being pesky.

So, let's do a head count: there is us. Wendy and the kittens in the bathroom. Silver running around (mom gave up on the crate - it was an issue of contagiousness but mom figured that ship had already sailed and Silver was screaming in the crate). And now this:

the bigger one is the girl (Annie), the smaller her brother (Wild Bill)

Bug's new family doesn't live that close to us, but don't they look suspiciously like a certain tiny white baby picture from yesterday??? Anyhow, mom guess them to be about 3 weeks old. And yes....this means we have bottle babies unless that momma cat gets her furry butt in a trap (please please let her get in the trap). Oh, and mom says don't do the math and get the total number - it might make her look even more crazy than she really is. :)


  1. I've had over 20 in the house at one time (six being owned) so I think you are far from crazy.. either that or your just visiting me there.. :)

  2. I once had 17 as pets. In a 900 sq ft house.....
    We are all crazy cat ladies.

  3. Those babies are pretty cute. Actually, they're EXTREMELY cute. Hope you can get the mama... and soon!

  4. Oh man. Good luck to your Mom! It does seem that bottle fed babies / weaned too young / raised as only kitten tend to be biters and bratty? Tutu (from birth) and Merlene (from 3 weeks) were bottle fed and have turned out to be biters...HARD biters. Any tips on how to stop it?

  5. Oh, my...! Good luck to your mom as she manages all the fosters.

    Our little jaws are hanging open at Connie's 20 in the house at one time, as well as Patty's 17--in such a small space!

  6. Lovely to meet and learn more about adorable Bug!! Glad to see she has thrived!

    Awww these new kitties are so precious! We have everything crossed that mama gets into the trap and gets to be with her babies! Take care

  7. Oh, but they're so tiny and cute!!! :)
    Your mom totally rocks.
    Play bows,

  8. I had a dream the other night that someone had brought me a mother cat and 17 happy it wasn't real!

    Best of luck with the bottle feeding though I echo the comments that Mama finds her way into the trap sooner rather than later.

    Frankly, I don't know how you do it...but I'm glad you do.


  9. What cute babies! We hope you can catch the mama!!

  10. It is amazing that you just rowing along in life doing what you do and all of sudden...a curve...or a bridge out...or babies everywhere. We understand (as you will see tomorrow).

  11. what cute babies... I am always in awe at how little (and sweet) baby kittens are... I want to smother them in kisses....

  12. Yes, please Momma, get in the trap! I can't to hear what happens.

  13. We know how that goes about ships sailing on you. Dad's plan was to keep Billy in the house, at least mostly. That lasted until Billy was big enough to get down the stairs, and then every time Dad came in or out the door, he had to grab Billy. He finally gave up and gave him outside privileges. Dad tries to keep a close eye on Billy when he's out, or at least check to see if Gracie is around to keep an eye on things.


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