Wednesday, May 16, 2012

wacky week.....

Didn't mean to panic anybody yesterday..... we are all fine. And so are the kittens.... mostly. :) Mom ended up taking an emergency "vacation" day yesterday to get it all together.

Before we get to that, could you please go visit Finn & Tucker? They are holding a comment-a-thon to support Best Friend's Back in Black 2 event!!!

Silver was not acting right was had gotten snotty. Mom got the rescue vet to check her and she is sick. So, now she is crated and taking meds. And she is NOT happy about it. However, so long as she continues to eat, she should be fine in about a week....

Wendy and the kittens are doing ok. And we now have a list of who is who. Mom had the shelter vet check out Arby (male black/white) and BK (tiny male tabby). Arby is now on meds as his eye swelled up. BK is about half the size of his siblings. The goal is to give Wendy some time to herself to gain some weight and monitor BK to make sure he is gaining weight....Mom tried that last night.... yeah, she doesn't so much like other cats. Not sure how this is going to work. Mom said something about leaving the shower door open to give her a place to escape.

We don't want to this to get too we will leave you with this picture as a teaser for mom's other adventure:

Does this kitty look familiar????


  1. Look at those little bear-ears in the second to last pic. So adorable! And now.... magnificent!

  2. Poor Silver we hope she is better soon!!!

  3. Hope all the kitties do well and things return to normal at your house real soon.

  4. Sometimes peeps just need a day off, I think. It happens. purrs

  5. We sure hope everykitten starts feeling better! And find good homes ... and ... you know. I'm glad your mom was able to take a day to re-group. Does she get any time for herself?
    Play bows,

  6. I know what it's like being crated! Thank your lucky stars it's only a week for you, Silver! I have another 22 days to go.


  7. Oh Silver, we are so sorry that you are sick. We are sending tons of purrs to ya.
    OK, who is this white kitty?? Did we miss something.
    You are doing so darn much, we can understand taking a day off to get all the kids straight.
    Hope everyone gets better soon. Especially you Silver.We are very fond of you. Take care.

  8. We hope Silver feels better soon. Uh-oh! Is there a new kitty in your household?

  9. Oh my..sweet Silver Honey, get all better quickly. need a break, sweetheart. BK, you make me worry and Arby...what happened, Love?

    Who is that mysterious white baby?

  10. Awwww hugs to Silver!! Please get better!! Yay!! Take care


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