Thursday, May 17, 2012

so much for that....

Sorry about the double post yesterday - mom planned the one about the new kitts for today but hit the wrong button. Good help is so hard to find. :)  MOL

Anyhow, mom fed the kitts last night and was watching TV when the phone rang. It was Bug's mom - they caught the momma cat!!!! Wahoo.......  Mom got right in the car (ok, after finding some shoes and running around the house) and went over to pick her up. She came back and got everything set up.

Mom borrowed a big wire dog crate from our friend Miss Kelly. She put the blankets inside and then.....

Meet "Grandma" as she is called in the neighborhood. This is the cat they were sure they were seeing with the kittens. Mom got her in the crate and then put in the kittens and food/water/litter.

She checked on them later in the night (though didn't take any pictures - have we mentioned the thing about good help). Grandma was eating, but the kittens were nursing. She decided to give it to morning. And while the food was gone, it didn't appear the kittens were eating. Grandma was being nice to them, but either those aren't her kittens or too much stress from being trapped and moved.

So a decision had to be made - in order to bottle feed the kittens, mom had to get them out of the crate. She decided to "re"trap Grandma and grab the kittens. And since she was in the trap, she got dropped off at the clinic today. Mom says the kittens are doing ok as bottle babies and the routine isn't too bad, so she is just going to take Grandma back to the neighborhood and release her.

Didn't work out the way we wanted, but more girl cat spayed!!! Plus the 2 boys from the previous days. Not bad if we do say so ourselves. And the neighbors want to continue to borrow the traps to keep doing TNR. Mom says for that alone, and setting a good example for the kids, she can bottle feed a couple of kittens. (guess this means we should let her off the hook for the picture/button hitting thing, huh?)


  1. One more TNR is awesome! Well done, even if that wasn't really the mother.

  2. My mom said to twll you how proud she is of you for what you do. And she said that she admires you.

  3. My theory is that if you are trapping cats that are intact, they are ALL the right cat!

  4. You do such a good job at getting the cats spayed and neutered. Grandma will be much happier outside as soon as she is fixed up. TNR is just the best.
    Not to worry about the pictures. We can see those kittens later. Take care.

  5. Well done and good job with the TNR. Hopefully the trap will continue to work and you are able to get more cats to TNR.

  6. Awww mama Grandma is gorgeous!! Yay for another successful TNR and glad the kitties are ok and safe! Take care

  7. Good noos on Grandma, whether she was momma cat or not. Now we know for sure she's not having any more kitteh.

  8. Well, maybe you think your Mom isn't a very good assistant but...hey...she sure does a good job taking care of those babies! We give her A+ for that!

  9. One more TNR is huge. One baby-maker shut down. Not only does it help in the fight against overpopulation, "Grandma" will have a better life now that she's spayed and vaccinated.

    Thanks for all you do.


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