Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wordless Wednesday.... (ok, not really - what do you expect by now)

kitten anyone?? Mac was neutered yesterday and came through with flying colors. Except we got to listen to the drunken redition of "let me out of the bathroom" for most of the night. He is still in there today though mom says she will let him back out when she gets home from work. Now to find him a home....

BTW - we have had lots of fun reading the comments from yesterday. You guys are giving mom WAY to much credit. All she did was paint and glue together. Honest - it wasn't that hard. Probably would have been if she had to cut those tubes herself though....thank heavens for grandpas that have skills (and tools). :)


  1. Mac's all over and you get to come out tonight and celebrate hundreds of less kittens now that you have been neutered. That's a good thing.

  2. Oh Mac! We know you're better off but it feels awful now! You'll get used to it, cutie.

  3. Mac you are a very handsome kitty and catching up on the past posts, you have a great foster home. Mommy said she wishes she could foster but once a kitty comes, they stay!=^Y^=
    Thank you for my Birthdays wishes=^Y^=Tang

  4. Mac, we'll cross our paws for a wonderful forever home for you!

  5. Know you will get a great forever home!!
    Happy Wednesday..
    ~ Bob and Patrick and The Bunch

  6. Awww me and Charlie are so pleased that Mac is home and is now ready to find a new and wonderful family! Yay!!!!

    Take care

  7. Mac we hope you are feeling better soon. Smoochies.

    Thanks for visiting us today and we're glad you liked your bookmark!

  8. He's sure a cute guy - dare I say I love his colors? ha woo.
    Your mom did a GREAT job on that tube condo thingie.

  9. YAY!! Good news for Mac!!!
    Yes your creation may have been easy, but you were smart enough to adapt the design and make something cool!!! You still rock ;)

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  10. Mac, real hard time is over...I hope you will feel better soon.
    Your mom's work sure is great!! It looks really neat and I can see kitties love it very much!!

  11. Such a cutie! He's fortunate to have someone like you to look out for him :)

  12. Mac, it is all about the Greatest Common Good, right? You made the right decision about neutering...what a wise mancat you will be! Here's hoping your forever family finds you quickly and lavishes youwith love.


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