Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Look what we got....

So we said yesterday that mom was doing arts and crafts. She spent most of the time in the bedroom - something about not needing our help. pfftt!

Anyhow, after two days, she came out with a new condo. She got the idea from Lowes Creative Ideas. Now, she modified it some....ok, a lot. But we like the results.

the old window box - not great to look at but it works

hey!! Where did the box go???

you start with concrete forms from the hardware store
we are lucky that grandpa picked them up in his truck AND he offered to cut them too

the instruction sheet says to cover them in carpet but mom wanted to try paint

glue them togethe and wait (yep, those are grandpa's clamps too)

fleece blankets in the condo holes - this is before the top shelf was installed

check out the top shelf (recycled from the old window box)

Ivy slept here most of the evening

and this is the closest mom has ever seen Spud and Ivy sleep - EVER!!!

All told it took a couple of days, but that involved a lot of drying time. Lowe's says the cost is under $40. But without carpet and using paint on hand, it was probably cheaper. The idea sheet shows a pyramid - 2 on the bottom and one on top, but mom didn't think that was big enough so she bought 2 forms. There is one piece left over and she isn't sure what she is going to do with that.

Everyone checked it out pretty quick. Mac and Tommy lost interest pretty quick. Ivy found a spot and took it over. Spud was the first up on top. So far it has been a big hit!!!


  1. very clever and well appreciated apparently. cool beans!

    Maybe you could cover the last one with carpet and stand it up for a scratchy thing??

  2. Wow, your Mom is very handy! Our Mom saw that clip from Lowes and considered trying it, but she knew better! Can your Mom come over?

  3. very cool!!! it looks great! I saw this idea in the Lowes handout, and was curious to try it myself, now I really want to try it!

    Glad to see the kitties approve! New kitty furnitures makes ways for new kitty friendships!

  4. That's pretty cool! Your mom is quite clever, we think. And it was great your grandpa has a truck and could pick them up, plus cut them!

  5. That is magnificent. It IS! What a great and talented mommy that you all have! I should be that lucky!!

  6. That really is terrific. What a fun thing to have. WE need your Mom to come over here too. Right after she goes to the Monkeys. That is so great. Thank heavens for Grandpa. Take care.

  7. Woo! That's really cool. Your mom did a great job - and I like the layout she chose! I wish my mom could make one for us guys that's Sibe-sized!
    PS: Good idea about us changing our password - thanks!

  8. That looks pawsome! But I totally do NOT get the part about not needing your help - it WAS for you guys, right? So I think your help would have been required!!!

  9. Oh wow!!! Your mum is a star! Look at what she created!! Awwww your mum just wanted to surprise you kitties! Yay! Enjoy your new condo!!! Take care

  10. That is ACE!!!

    Daddy......we want one toooooooo!!!!!!

    You should post this to the CB.

  11. Wow! That's a lot of kitty bunks!

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  12. Ooooooooooooooooo!! That is so cool!!
    We like the price too ;) heehee
    We gotta talk to Mom !!!!!!!!!!!

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  13. That is so cool! We saw the how-to video for that and we hope our mom will now be inspired to build us one! We like your mom's design change!

    Have fun!
    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  14. What a clever project...you mom is very creative. The condo is perfect for that space and it looks like everyone will enjoy mom's handiwork for a long time!

  15. This is brilliant! I would really like to try to build something like this.

  16. OMC! It is AWESOME!

    PS: we have added you to our RSS feeds so we can visit more often.

  17. Pretty coolio! We bet the kittehs will be spending quite a bit of napping time in there!
    It's sooo great to be able to create things for them that they love!! :)

    the critters in The Cottage

  18. Hey, that's pretty neat. Your mom did a good job on it.

    We'd beg Jan to make us one but she'd probably drop it on her foot - or one of us - and we don't have anywhere to put it. So we'll just have to come look at yours occasionally.

  19. okay THAT is pretty cool! you creative people you! Love!!!


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