Thursday, September 8, 2011

PSA: Pawblic Service Announcement

Most of you guys know we support TNR!!  Heck - we support it so much that Junior never left (you know: trap, neuter, don't release - MOL). :)

Anyhow, we got an email from Best Friends about what the US Fish and Wildlife Service is up to now. Seems they plan to offer a class on inflencing communitys about TNR. And we aren't talking about the good influence - they want to complete do away with TNR. WHAT???? And it sounds like they have no intention of showing the cost savings to communities from TNR. They seem to be advocating going back to killing feral colonies and they certainly aren't saying how they (using our tax dollars) intend to pay for it.

Ticked off yet????  Click here to go the Best Friends Advocacy Center and send an email. And feel free to blog this forward.....

You can read more about feral/commity cats at the Best Friends Cat Initiatives and also from Alley Cat Allies. And check out this video about the latest TNR effort by Best Friends in Utah - the whole town came together to help their community is pretty cool. :)


  1. That is horrible and disgusting and unconscionable!

  2. That's crazy and hateful! The World Health Organisation promotes TNR as themost humane and effective method of controlling not only the numbers of feral cats but of improving colony health too. TNR even has a knock on effect on human health, by keeping colonies healthy!

    Oliver & Gerry

  3. Great post and I sure will go check all that out as soon as I get this stuff on the auction. I have heard about all that and it is horrible. Someone needs to do a story about how much the TNR saves everyone. I sure will do what I can to tell everyone. I do the same, trap them and then keep them darn it all. Take care.

  4. The word idiots comes to mind for some strange reason.

  5. Trap-neuter-don't release: that's really funny, and very true. It looks like Junior is taking up carpentry as a hobby.

    As far as the US Fish & Wildlife Service--that is absurd. I will email friends who work in the ASPCA and Humane Society, though I'm guessing they already know.

  6. I just posted about this on my Facebook page. It is AWFUL that the US Fish & Wildlife Service is doing this!!!

  7. I think F&W doesn't know how riled up cat lovers can ruin their day...

  8. I don't understand how they could be against that! It just doesn't make sense!
    Play bows,


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