Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Madness.....

Please stop over to visit Sweet Praline mom Paula. We are very sad here, but know she is at peace and there were other angels there to welcome her (include our angels Tigger and Butterscotch).

Swizzle didn't eat much yesterday and nothing last night. Mom is done screwing around and Swizzle has an appointment with the v-e-t this morning....we will keep you posted.
Mom read on Bunny's Blog yesterday about a petition that you need to check out on Seems a company created a "game" (and we use that term loosely) where you can raise, train and fight dogs. It will be sold for the Android phone. Please sign the petition and let Android and this game company know that these types of games are NOT OK!!! Blog Paws has a posting about it as well.

12pm update: Got Swizzle to the vet. Her temperature is at 107 - normal is about 101. Scary stuff. They are running a blood panel and will call me with an update. On IV fluids and pain meds in the mean time. Took the kittens home - sryinge fed them some KMR and mixed KMR with a/d and left it for them. This will be weaning 101 the hard way for them. Mom called the rescue lady who sounded a little ticked that mom made the executive decision to take Swizzle to the vet first, then call. Mom says too bad....she likes the rescue lady, but her attitude can be a little "let's wait and see" and since the last time that happened, we lost Sultan, mom isn't willing to take that risk. Which ends up being a good thing since another day with her temp that high could have been very bad. Please keep purring for her and the is going to be a long few days between worrying about her and trying to get the kittens to eat on their own.


  1. We are purring heavily today for Paula and Praline, for dear sweet Swizzle, and that the aweful "game" will be stopped.


  2. We are very sad about Praline too. We know her Mom is going to need a lot of support from all of the CB.

    We are purring for Swizzle to feel better and hope her vet trip goes well.

  3. We are so sending love to Paula and know that our sweet friend will be free of pain and playing at the bridge when she goes. Hugs GJ x

  4. We are so very sad about Sweet Praline. I send best purrs to Swizzle and pray that all is well.

  5. I had to smile at your update - and the rescue lady's reaction. Been there, done that.. but 107, yes I completely agree it shouldn't have waited. Poor thing. Hopefully she'll be on the mend right quick.

    Force weaning 4 week old kittens - oh I don't envy you that. Hopefully they will take to it right quick.

  6. I am heartbroken for precious Praline and her mom. I have had leaky eyes really bad this weekend and especially today.

    Swizzle is so lucky to have you..thank God.

  7. Me and Charlie have just been over at Sweet Praline's. We are so sad for her mum! :-(

    OH thank you so much for taking gorgeous Swizzle to the vets!! We think that was the best thing to do for her as she really wasn't eating too well and was nursing too!! We are purring for mum Swizzle to get better! We send her sweet kitties lots of hugs! We are so glad you are there to look after this beautiful family!!!

    Take care

  8. We are so sad about Praline, and we do send comforting purrs to her Mom Paula.
    Oh could anyone not want a sick cat to be taken to the Vet?

    You did the right thing.
    Bless you.
    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  9. White Dog healing energy being sent to Swizzle. We hope that things are brought back to normal quickly and she is ok...and that the kitties adapt easily to being human fed. Your quick action probably saved Swizzle's life.


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