Saturday, April 23, 2011

Make Mine Chocolate....

We don't talk much about bunnies here cause we don't have any. However, with Easter being tomorrow, we wanted to get on the bandwagon (so to speak).

The Columbus House Rabbit Society (and other bunny rescues) every year has a Make Mine Chocolate campaign. So many people give bunnies and chicks for Easter. We don't think any pet should be a gift....give a certificate and let that person pick out their own pet. However, giving baby animals for a holiday is just a bad idea!!! So, give a chocolate bunny or chick and maybe donate to a great organization to support their effort to find homes for animals that need it. Or, if you want a bunny, get past the holiday and find a local rescue to help you set up your house for some bunny to love!!!  For example Emmy from CHRS.....


  1. Awwww Emmy is such a cutie!! Me and Charlie hope she finds a good bunny home!!

    This is so important - there are so many animals abandoned after the fad is over - it's so sad for these poor animals - so yes, please give chocolate bunnies and candy lambs for the holidays!!

    Happy Easter!! Take care

  2. Emmy is beautiful and I thank you for this perfect blog. I wish that baby animals..any animals would never be given thoughtlessly as gifts. BAD idea.

  3. No bunnies at the, a maple cream egg...YUM!

  4. I totally agree with you. It is a bad idea to give animals as gift. Make Mine Chocolate is a great campaign and very important.
    Emmy is so beautiful and I am glad she is taken care of by wonderful people.

  5. A bunny wouldn't stand a chance here, with all the animals - but they sure are cute! I agree 100%; wait til after the holiday, carefully consider and then adopt one in need of a home. It's such a shame there are so many who've been bought and then "dumped".

  6. Yep, animals as gifts are just a plain bad idea. We love the "Make Mine Chocolate" campaign.


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