Friday, April 22, 2011

Goodbye Deebs....

Back in March 2006 (when mom was volunteering at that other place), a volunteer started their Bully Program to try to get more pitties adopted into good homes. The first two dogs were Diamond and Debo. Diamond ended up being adopted by Amanda (the leader of the group). Debo was at the shelter for a while and worked his way into everyone's hearts. He was more of an english bulldog looking pitt. And deaf as a brick. Mom said she was sure when she walked into the room where he was and there were 8 barking dogs - Deebs was asleep on his back, jowels flapping, snoring like an outboard. He didn't wake up until she had the door opened and touched his nose.

Like a lot of pitties, Deebs was a kid in a dog suit. His favorite thing in the world?? Mud swears he had more baths in his life than any other dog she has met.

He was adopted by a wonderful family who even tried to teach him sign language. They called him "fluffy" as a joke to his background.

Last fall, Debo was diagnosed with lymphoma. He did pretty well for a while. But, last weekend his mom and dad knew it was time and helped him cross the bridge.

We shall miss you sweet Deebs. You were a joy, a gentleman and such an ambassador for your breed.


  1. What a handsome dude you were, Deebs......we were sad to hear of your crossing the Bridge, but we know you are now pain free and having a wonderful time.

    We send love and purrs to your humans in hopes they will be a bit comforted by knowing how many of us care....we're hoping this post will be passed on to your humans. xxxxxxxx

  2. Deebs, you sound like the perfect ambassador for your breed. We are sad to hear you had to go to the bridge. Lots of hugs to the humans. You sure were a handsome boy.

  3. Me and Charlie are so so sorry to hear about beautiful and amazing Deebs!!! What a handsome boy! These pics show he was full of fun and so happy! Take care

  4. We send many purrs and hugs to Deebs Mom and Dad. That was one beautiful smile Deebs, watch over us all.

  5. Awww a kid in a fur that was such a sweet way to describe Deebs.
    Our deepest sympathies for his passing...
    RIP sweet one.

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  6. I´m so very sorry about Deebs!
    Rest in peace little angel!

  7. Run free over the Bridge sweet Deebs, where you will be forever young and healthy and safe. You leave behind beautiful memories and a hole in the hearts of those who knew you.


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