Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thank you....

Mom teared up some reading all the comments about Sultan.  But, we love that about being part of this online community.  Everyone understands and wants to show their support.  And we can't thank you enough for that.

The other kittens are doing well (in fact, mom is currently under attack and is mumbling about cutting toenails).  They are active and eating and being kittens.  Mom is beginning to suspect that Java isn't actually a sibling and just got lumped in with the rest of the group.  No one is at 2 pounds yet, so they will be hanging around for a while.

In other news...
Mom doesn't get too many of these since she works in a small office.  But, the power was out this morning, so the bosses said don't come in.  Yeah - we see some lap time in our futures!!


  1. Yes, the CB is an amazing "place," as we have discovered for ourselves. Sometimes it's the only place the humans can come for that understanding, because too often they'll get, "It's just a cat/dog/horse/etc." No, no, four-legged Beings are not "just" anything.

    We're glad your mom has a snow day! Our mom took a vacation day to avoid going out in the nasty weather, 'cause it's not like her work place ever closes! Sheesh.

    Enjoy your lap time!

  2. Yes, the CB is a great place :-) Enjoy your snow day cuddling with kittens!!!

  3. Glad you had some special time together. That's one really good thing that comes out of too much snow!
    And, the CB? It's home to me, a place of comfort full of furriends!


  4. I agree -- the CB is a place of great comfort. We all do understand because we have experienced the full gamut of emotions. There is no way anyone could ever tell us that "it's only a cat".That cat is as precious as any living thing on earth.


  5. One thing that we have learned about the CB, when one of us loses a furbaby, it feels like we have all lost one.

    Our mom had a snow day today too!! What fun!!

  6. We are really sorry to hear about Sultan. We send the very best thoughts and purrs to you for the sadness. It is so heart-breaking to make that decision but sometimes it is the most loving thing we can do. Be Well Sweet Sultan.

  7. A community that cares and truly is a wonderful thing! Enjoy the snow day...and the kitties.


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