Thursday, February 3, 2011

Back to work....

The power was on at work this morning so mom left for work.  She was sad, but really, having her home during the week just messes with our schedule of events for the day.

That being said, she played with the camera yesterday...
This is how Tommy spent part of the afternoon:

The kittens goofed off:

Mom cheaped out and rather then turn up the heat, she broke out the space heater:

All and all, not a bad day....


  1. We love our space heater.
    It's a great place to lie next to and get all warmed up.


  2. Oh our mom had to go back to work today too - she hated it a lot. But that is where the kitty food comes from so we can live with it!

    We hope you are all doing ok - we were so sad to read about Sultan and are sending over lots and lots of purrs and prayers for your mom. We know it has to be tough for her and we know you will do your best to keep her spirits up.

  3. Yep, our mom hadta go back to work today too. At least your mom left you a space heater!! Stay warm!

  4. Gotta agree, all in all not a bad day for you all! Mom is looking forward to school reopening so Michael can get back...he is driving her a little bonkers, but the temperatures are really arctic here and the City closed the schools for Friday to conserve heating gas because the utilities are having trouble keeping up with the need...oh well. Maybe things will warm up over the weekend.

  5. Sounds like a great day to us! The kittens look like they're having so much fun in that tube thingie!

  6. our aunt spot useta crawl UNNER our heater like this (she was furry petite). mom was allus afurraid she'd knock it ofur on herself, but she nefur did. she useta crawl unner the woodstove, too!


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