Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday terror....

Mo would like to place a complaint:
That little orange guy is getting on my last nerve.  He ran around last night for like forever....up the stairs and then back down then around and around the family room.  I can only take so much from the guy.  I swear he is stalking me.  I was sitting on the window box and he was on the scratching post when I planted on paw in the middle of his head.  Didn't stop him from swinging like mad at me.  Mom was laughing, but I don't think it was very funny.  She said I just have to smack him silly (I think he may already be at silly so what good is that gonna do??).  She said something about him getting bigger than me one day so I have to deal with him now.  I keep trying, but I don't think he is getting the message.

Junior says:  haha!!!


  1. Oh Fin - you would be surprised how much you might come to love a kitten. :)


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