Monday, October 25, 2010

Mini Mancat Monday

Well, the little orange mancat is adjusting well.  He is still a little hesitant during the day - I still can't get him up in my lap after the eye ointment incident.  :)  However, he loves me at night and is out around the house during the day.  Plus he isn't nearly as jumpy anymore.  I have feral cat houses in the living room and he has been "cat testing" them for me.  Plus he LOVES to stalk Mozart - who just seems to find him annoying.  He has discovered that the kittens have food during the day and has been jumping in with them for a snack.  He whines when they get close but they don't seem to think he is all that scary.  LOL

Bug had a v-e-t visit on Friday and now has the first set of vaccines.  Weight - 1.6 pounds.  Oh - and I screwed up another one....Bug is a girl.  Which actually works from a cute standpoint.  :)  There is a petsmart adoption event on Nov. 13th.  I am hoping she is big enough to spay before that so I can try to find her a home of her own for the holidays.  Right now she is spending her days penned up with the other kittens and they are having a blast running around and being nuts.

back to front: Dakota, Utah, Carolina, Maine & Nevada

Georgia & Nevada


And an update on Maestro: nothing really exciting on the blood test.  Not sure if that is good or bad....  I refuse to put him through a boat load of tests just to prove something however.  So for now, the vet suggested changing his diet to a kidney prescription food.  Plus pepcid and prednisone.  I am going to give it a couple of weeks and see if it makes a difference.  I guess I am reluctant to run more test since I don't know what it would prove - I refuse to put him through much and having a "timeframe" doesn't prove anything either.  So, we will treat the symptoms and see what that gets us.  So long as he is getting around and seems comfortable, then so be it.


  1. Aw, those kittens are so cute!! And we're glad the new orange boy is adjusting well!! And we hope the new food helps Maestro!

  2. What a stunning, gorgeous, AMAZING bunch of kittens! They are so cute! Little Bug, my mum didn't know for sure whether I was a boy or a girl until I was 6 weeks old... she has gotten it wrong with so many kittens. She blames the sex-change fairy. MOL!


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