Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dinner and Collars

I was hoping to get a better video, but this kind of tells the story too.  I am asking Santa for a Flip camera for Christmas.... (make sure to use the sound - Tim and Tom were talking to me)

Also, Catster was talking about Dr. Lord's cat collar study.  You can see the Catster article here: Catster article and the full study info from OSU here: OSU Cat Collar Study.  Tim, Tom & Mozart were actually part of this study.  I wasn't sure if they would tolerate the collars and leave them alone.  I was surpried.  Because I had three involved, we used 3 different types of collars - strechy, regular and safety.  I have since switched everyone to safety collars.  The only problem I had was the strechy one which was on Tim. He HATED it at first and it got pretty fuzzy from him scratching at it.  I figured I would come home one day to find it off as he maanged to get out or he managed to convince Tommy to pull it over his head.

Well, I came home the one day and the collar was off.  I thought I had the picture on this computer, but apparently not - I had to take a picture so others would believe me.  The collar was off....and unbuckled.  WHAT???  So I put it back on and made a note.  About a week later, same thing.  Strange....  Put it back on and made another note.  And two days after that, I am sitting in the living room.  Tim is laying on the floor and Daffodil (a foster and one of Ivy's sisters) was laying on top of him.  The kittens would have been about 6 weeks old at this point.  As I watched, Daff reached up and started chewing on the collar - pulling the strap through the buckle.  It took her about a minute or so, but she managed to get the thing unbuckled.  I just stared....I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen her do it.  I reported it at the end of the study, but I am not sure Dr. Lord believed me.

Anyhow, I firmly believe ID and microchips are the best way to get your animal back. Microchipping more than anything since collars and ID can come off.  Spud won't wear his collar but he is chipped.  Junior is next on the chip bandwagon - wish I would have thought to do it when I got him neutered.

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  1. yeah, our mom's pining fur a "flip", too. daddy offered to flip her, but she sez she's too old an' creaky for athletics. then he sed he thought she'd flipped a long time ago, an' she got mad. there's just no pleasin' her, he sez. but yer video was cute--we loves to hear ofur kitties talk!


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