Monday, October 18, 2010


My parents and I decided to try to attend Midnight Madness at MSU this year.  We went to East Lansing Friday and went to the bookstore, watch the Homecoming Parade and the stood in line for 90 minutes to get into Midnight Madness.  We got autographs from some of the players and then went into watch the festivities.  It was late but it was a lot of fun.  Mom has a crush on Draymond Green - she got a picture with him last year at the Final Four and then got his autograph this year.  She did the same with Korie Lucious.  I think they were both a little tickled to be signing pictures like that since mostly they were signing posters and basketballs.  It was cute.   I wish I would have thought to try to get another picture with the both of them.

Saturday we got tickets to the game and watched MSU beat Illinois and remain undefeated!!!!!!!

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