Friday, October 8, 2010

Best Friends Blessing

I got to experience this when I went in March.  While the video can't convey the full experience, it give you some idea.  Each month they honor those animals that have passed.  For the yearly ceremony this year, they opened it up to members to send remembrances of their own animals.  A few friends and I sent one for Ava, who belonged to our friend Nancy and her husband Steve. 

While nothing makes losing a pet easy, I think it help to know there is an organization out there devoted to "No More Homeless Pets" and understands what we all go through as pet owners.

Check it out: Blessing Video

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  1. have been there? It's one of the things I want to do, in fact a friend in SC who has 2 of my cats and is an oncology nurse wanted to go together...I meant to send a donation in for Nacho so he could be in this too...maybe next time. Thanks for sharing the video, I had forgotten to watch it the day it happened.


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