Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Adoption News!!

Junior is up on Petfinder now: Junior on Petfinder  I don't know if he will get adopted this way - I have my doubts about how many get adopted over the internet as opposed to in person.  However, at least now SOMEONE can see him which is more than NO ONE seeing him when he is just at my house.

In other news, Pistachio was adopted on Saturday.  I wish her the best of luck in her new home.  Walnut and Hazel were moved to a local Petsmart.  Fingers crossed for them too!!

Pecan is doing very well in her new home.  Kelly's brother is slowly warming up to her - he is just adjusting after the loss of their previous cat.  And Pecan seems to have the dog under her cute brown paw:


  1. You're right ... being up on Petfinder is better than no exposure whatsoever. We will keep our paws crossed!

    Yay for Pistachio and Pecan (and that picture of Pecan and the dog is ADORABLE). Purring and praying for Walnut and Hazel to find a forever home soon...

  2. Good luck to Junior! We have had some good luck with PetRescue, which is the Australian PetFinder. A lady called about one of our kittens within 10 minutes of the ad going up, which was amazing!

    Little Bug reminds me so much of Lishy. Lishy didn't get his first vaccination until he was 5 months old, as the vet didn't believe it was safe until then!


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