Monday, October 4, 2010

(baby) Mancat Monday

Bug went to the vet on Saturday. They ran an FIV/FeLV test and it came back negative!!  I was going to start his vaccination series since he is 6 weeks old, but the vet suggested we wait a couple of weeks.  See, they put him on the scale and he weighs a total of 0.9 pounds.

We also had the kittens out Friday night and Sunday afternoon to play with Bug.  He is a little rough with them (I think he is copying the treatment he gets from Junior).  But the kittens are getting their teeth in, so Bug is in for a surprise when they start biting him back.

And speaking of Junior, he won't speak to me during the day right now.  He has some eye gunk and I put an antibiotic cream in it and he is holding a grudge.  But he is still checking up on everyone when we go to bed.  Saturday night he was curled up by my shoulder - which was edging into Maestro's spot at the head of the bed.  Maestro growled at Junior who just ignored him and went on purring.  Can't blame him - he gets ignored when he growls at everyone else, so it makes sense that therefore growling is to be ignored.  :)

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  1. Hooray for Bug's tests coming back negative! We hope and purray he continues to get bigger and stronger.

    Poor Junior. That antibiotic cream can't be fun, but it's for his own good, right?


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