Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday update....

Well, Bug is on his own today (OK - not really since my crew is there, but I didn't bring him to work).  We shall see how this pans out.  I do have a friend who lives close to where I work that has offered to help babysit and/or leave him there so I can come over at noon and feed him.

Momma cat is doing well.  Turns out the kittens had MAJOR fleas, so everyone got a bath last night (and no one was happy about it).

Junior jumped up onto the bed last night as I was reading and wanted to snuggle some.  AWWW!!

Bug and the canned food

Bug's new house (in the living room)
Junior checking out Bug
Bug & Ivy (awwww)
new momma cat and her kittens

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