Sunday, September 19, 2010

What a weekend....

So by Friday I was pretty sure my boss was over the kitten in the office adventure.  So I emailed a friend who volunteers with Colony Cats and asked if maybe they had a momma cat I could "borrow".  Sure enough they did and I made arrangements to pick her up on Saturday.

Only, come to find out, the kittens are about 2 weeks younger than Bug and she has 6 of them.  I am going to try an introduction this afternoon, but I don't know how she is going to take to another kitten.  I suspect she may be more a babysitter while I am at work and Bug will be out with me while I am home.  I put up the pen and he is currently sleeping out there.  I am going to get it set up more as a housing thing and then will leave him in there most of the time.

I took him with me to my parents' house last night to watch the MSU Spartans beat Notre Dame.  OK, so I left at the end of regulation since it was LATE but Dad called before I got home and said MSU won in over time.  GO GREEN!!!

Anyhow, Bug was a riot.  I let him out and sat on the floor so he could play some.  He ran around and under their coffee table and was bouncing around.  Fun to watch.  I put him in the pen this morning and he was doing the same thing.  Junior was sitting outside the pen and wasn't sure what to do about Bug.

Speaking of Junior....big breakthrough.  Friday night he came up and jumped up in my lap and snuggled in for some love!!!  I knew curiousity would eventually get the better of him.  Of course, with the momma cat in the bathroom, he was out and free last night.  He has GOT to get over the whining at every other cat thing - he was on and on and on and (you get the point) last night every time he ran into another cat.  Baby - there are 6 adults are going to run into them....get over it already!!

Anyhow, I will keep everyone posted on the new babies and how momma cat does with Bug.  Momma is a very skinny calico and she has 4 boys (white, orange tabby, orange/white tabby and gray/white) and 2 girls (both dulite calicos - one with more white than the other).

OH!!!  And good news - my friend Kelly took Pecan to Youngstown to live with her brother, sister-in-law and nephew.  She is going to have to learn to live with their dog, but I have great hopes for her!!!

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  1. I know my CRex are extra affable, but they share kittens all the time (Coco and Kiki share their kittens I mean--not being foster moms) so I hope that Momma accepts Bug...


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