Friday, September 10, 2010

I am so proud....

Junior is making so much progress.  He is out all day now and is venturing into the living room more often.  No telling how much time he spends out during the day, but he is out most of the evening.  He still runs if something startles him, but he recovers pretty quickly.  His favorite spot seems to be on a chair in the dining room where he can look out the sliding glass door.

Bug is doing great too.  Mom called last night and said she may know of someone who will adopt him when he is big enough.  She just lost her cat and needs some time to recover which will be great for Bug.  He is eating like mad.  I again forgot to weigh him this morning, but he looks twice as big as he was when I found him.  I have been letting him walk around the living room in the evenings.  He doesn't get too far - tough when you are only a couple of inches off the ground.  :)  Spud just sits and stares at him.  I have never had kittens this tiny that have been out and exposed to the crew, so this is different.  I don't know whether Spud is fascinated or thinks Bug is a toy, but he just watches him.

The fosters went back to the shelter on Tuesday.  I got to see them that night and they didn't seem too thrilled about the change in surroundings.   Hopefully they will relax and find a home soon.

Ivy, Walnut & Hazel checking out the new guy


  1. Awesome update! We're so happy that Junior is making such excellent progress! :)

    Glad to hear about Bug's pending adoption, too (and that he is eating and growing with such gusto).

    We will purr and pray for the fosters. The transition to the shelter can be difficult.

  2. We're glad Junior is doing better! And it's nice to know that Bugs might have a furever home!


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