Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend update....

Tommy checking out BUg

I got home Friday and Junior had "gone over the wall". The gate was still up, but no orange kitten in the bathroom. I took down the gate and left it alone knowing he was somewhere in the condo. Around 8pm I heard some hissing and managed to herd him back into the bathroom. So it has gone for the rest of the weekend. He spends his days out - mostly in my office and nights in the bathroom. I am hesitant to let him out at night as I don't want to have him in my bedroom and not be able to get him out in the morning. And then last night he actually ventured down the hall toward the living room. He didn't make it into the living room, but this is as close as he has gotten. Serious progress for 3 weeks in the house.

The nuts went back to the shelter this morning. I am sad to see them go - I have had them for a while and they were a joy. The caregiver at CHA thinks they may go to a local Petsmart adoption center, so that should help them get adopted a little faster. I will say that I think the adults had had enough of this group and may be glad they are gone. Even Mozart was losing patience. :)

And Bug is doing great. Eating like mad and getting bigger every day. I don't think my scale goes that low, but I am going to try to weigh him tonight (and yes, I now think he is a boy). I trimmed his nails the other day and they are sharp already again. I may try to introduce him to canned food next weekend. I had him at my parents' house over the weekend and discovered I could entertain him by letting him suck on my finger. I also put him on the floor last night and after wandering around a little, he crashed for a nap. I went into the kitchen and when I turned around, Ivy, Walnut, Pecan and Hazel were all standing round him watching. I have caught Spud laying in front of the carrier just staring more than once. Wish I knew what he was thinking.

All in all, a good weekend. :)

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  1. Definitely sounds like it was a pretty good weekend. Thanks for the updates! :)


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