Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bug and the new kittens

Well, Bug is still eating on his own and living in his condo.  He screams like mad when mom is around, but will quiet down when she shows him the food dish (again) or lets him out to run around some while she sits on the floor with him.  However, she says he is a messy eater and gave him a bath the other night.
She has also been supervisin' the kittens and mom cat in the bathroom.  She tried again to introduce Bug and while Chiclet (the momma cat) didn't seem to mind so much this time, Bug didn't get it.  Mom is hoping that when the kittens get a little bigger she can let them out with Bug to play and give Chiclet a break (and her too).  In the meantime, names have been assigned and we have new pictures.
Names: girls: dilute calico (less white & bigger) - Georgia; dilute calico (more white) - Carolina
    boys: gray/white - Nevada; orange/white tabby - Utah; buff/white tabby - Maine; cream (I suspect he may end up with points like a siamese) - Dakota

all the kids






  1. what sweeties! it's maybe too late for bug to figure out the milk bar, but i sure hope he gets friendly with the babies.

  2. Oh Bug, how well I remember being wrapped up like that after a bath to get all the mess of me. You remind me of me so much! Chiclet is such a beautiful kitty.

  3. Squeeeeee...love those lil bears of babies...so different than Cornish Rex babies! The names are sweet, too!


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