Friday, October 1, 2010

I should have stayed in bed....

So I got up this morning, ready to go, got in my car and....NOTHING!!  OK - there was a click and that was it.  Dead battery.....  Now what???  I am SO thankful I live close to my parents.  Called Mom and she came to the rescue.  I am now driving her Beetle for the day.  And THANK HEAVEN for good car guys....I called Kevin (the car guy) and he agreed to not only fix it, but drive to my place (about a mile from his shop), jump the battery and drive the car to his shop!!  This guy is worth his weight in catnip (or chocolate chip cookies - I may have to bake this weekend).

All of which made me about an hour late to work.  I am once again thankful for the flexibility of working in a small office - not that I exactly had much of a choice.

Should be a quiet weekend.  Chiclet keeps trying to get out the bathroom door, so I am going to try the kittens with Bug for a while and give her a break.  Just going to have to supervise since Bug has teeth and the other kittens don't yet.

Oh - and MSU plays Wisconsin this weekend.  GO GREEN!!!  GO SPARTANS!!!

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