Monday, July 12, 2010

RIP Moe....

Moe was a kitten in 2001 when he was adopted from CAHS. In 2007 he was brought back (for reasons I can't remember right now). He was surly, front declawed, hated kids and dogs and ended up on a special diet. After several months of being at the shelter, he became the first cat moved to our adoptions office in a condo. Then he got more time out of the condo. Then we took down his condo and he just was allowed to live in the adoptions office. When the shelter was closed to the public, he could be found wandering around. He had a serious catnip addition. Cat treats would make him throw up but he loved McDonald's french fries.
After 2 years at the shelter (and while people felt sorry for him, he was living a very good life), his favorite adoption counselor took a full time job at a local clinic. She had said if she left, she was taking Moe. The joke was that we couldn't even give him away - he was the reason the "Cat of the Month" program was establish. His adoption fee was waived. And still he lived at the shelter.

So a year ago, Mandy took Moe home. Now, we were a little concerned as Mandy has a dog. Come to find out, Moe discovered he could terrrorize the dog and that become his new hobby.
About a month ago, he started losing weight and throwing up. They changed his diet. No luck. They ran some tests. Turns out he had lymphoma. Mandy couldn't bear to put him through chemo, so he crossed Rainbow Bridge on Friday. RIP Moe - we all loved you and miss our shelter office cat. You havea earned your wings.

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