Monday, July 12, 2010

Foster update....

I had been worried about Hazel. When they were vaccinated on the 3rd, she had lost weight over the 2 weeks that I had her in the house. So, we agreed to feed her science diet a/d and give it to her separately. Worked like a charm....she weighed 2 pounds on Saturday (up from 1.43 pounds on 7/3). Plus she is MUCH more active and joining in the play with her siblings.

The tabby girls are still just adorable. I think Pistachio got all the whiny in the family. If Wally gets anywhere near her to attack, she starts to cry. Pecan on the other hand will stand there and open her mouth, but nothing comes out.

And Wally....I noticed a bump on the top of his head so he had a vet appointment on Saturday. She thinks it is just a cyst and they made a note to remove it when he is neutered. Great, I told her - that will get him adopted a whole lot faster. He is male, black and will now have a bald spot in the middle of his head. She laughed and said "and a stitch". Lovely.... LOL

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