Saturday, April 3, 2010


Colonel's Barracks is part of Wild Cat Village. This is where they have some of their more wild kitties that need some social skills or may never be social.

I got over there and was set up to help clean. There are 5 rooms in Colonel's and there were 2 caregivers that morning. In addition, Mike told me that one of their older cats was having some problems and he had made the decision with a vet tech to let him cross Rainbow Bridge that afternoon. So Mike was trying to spend some time with that cat and letting other caregivers know what was going on.

Each room is set up with a board that has pictures and names of all the cats on it for ID purposes. Most also have a list of the room cats that has id information and ages on it.

Each room is set up pretty much the same. There is a center post with runways along the top and boxes down the post. There are cubbies on one wall and the table you can see is on wheels and sits over the kitty boxes.
Their cleaning protocol is interesting. Once per week, EVERYTHING gets wiped down.... Every day, they check bedding and if it smells like pee, it goes in the laundry. If not, it is brushed off using a stiff brush and a mix of Downy and water (1/8 c. Downy to 32 ounces of water in a spray bottle). Picks up cat hair, makes the bedding smell nice and helps with static. WOW - love that idea!! Then flat surfaces are wiped down. Litter boxes emptied and wiped out. Once per week they are changed out and replaced with sanitzed boxes. Then sweep and mop the floors. Then repeat outside.

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