Saturday, April 3, 2010


After a bad Monday night with Lucky and Quinton (who didn't want to be there and paced and cried all night), we decided to ask for suggestions on who to take overnight on Tuesday. Callie lives in Cat HQ - she is part of the "Jenny Craig" crowd who lives there. This group is on VERY restricted diets due to their weight. We liked Callie so much we decided to take her overnight on Wednesday too. She cried some on the way back in the car, but the minute the carrier opened up, she checked out the room and jumped up on the bed.
We did try to get more information on her Wednesday night and couldn't find her on the website. So I asked about this on Thursday morning when we dropped her back off at HQ. It seems she is a Legacy pet. Meaning her owner gave money to Best Friends for her care after her owner could no longer care for her. They explained that at first these animals weren't made available for adoptions. Then they reconsidered and decided that if someone came to the sanctuary and fell in love that these animals should be able to live their lives in a home. So, they aren't on the website, but they can go home with someone who falls in love with them. Callie isn't wild about the other cats in HQ, so she might do better by herself or with another older cat who would leave her alone.

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