Friday, April 16, 2010

Solomon the kitten

Once per month some volunteers take shelter animals to the local Petsmart for adoption events. We went on April 10th.

As we were sitting at the table with 3 dogs and a cat on leashes that were lounging around us, a Petsmart associate came up and asked if we were taking cats. I said not here, but the shelter would. Standing behind the girl was a mother and daughter with a small brown tabby kitten. I found directions in my box of information and gave it to them.

However, something bothered me. I looked at Terry (my co-leader) and said I was going to go get the kitten. She said sure. I caught up with them in the parking lot and said I would take the kitten. The mother said it was given to them and the father wouldn't allow it to stay in the house. The daughter was upset, but going along. She did ask if I would take his bed with us - I said sure.

Terry did tease me that we are supposed to come back from these events with LESS animals than we started, not MORE.

We got back, got him booked into the system and the vet agreed to process him right then. He was about 4 months old, tested negative for everything and got his vaccines. I named him Solomon. He was neutered Tuesday and was in a holding room waiting for a spot on the adoption floor to open up.

After walking dogs last night, I got him out and was sitting in our adoption office. He was being very sweet, cuddled up and purring. A gentleman came in and was asking about one of the cats on the floor and if he was good with dogs. We explained that we can't be sure, but since this particular cat was under a year, he might adjust pretty well.

As we were talking, Solomon relaxed in my arms and was looking at the man upside down. He asked who the kitten was and if he could hold him. And Solomon turned on the charm. He asked if Solomon was available for adoption, and with a nod from the adoption counselor, I said that he was. We walked out to the adoption floor to see Solomon's reaction to dogs, which went well until a beagle started barking and he got a little scared, but nothing really bad.

So, last night, Solomon was adopted and went home with his new family. It must have been meant to be to have everything line up like that. And it makes me smile that things work out like this sometimes.

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