Thursday, March 11, 2010


As time goes on, I discover that more and more volunteers are getting discouraged. There was a meeting scheduled to discuss with backroom walkers how decisions are made for dogs to get to the floor. I didn't attend and couldn't care less. Yeah, there are discussions and a behavior test, but it still isn't fair. And compare that to cats and it is even worse. I refuse to spend an hour listening to management justify their decisions.

We had a volunteer leadership meeting last night. I don't know why we is making it more and more clear that our services don't seem needed. Why have leaders if our opinions no longer matter? And the shelter is so management heavy. I told someone last night - I am willing to bet that no one in management could name more than one animal on the floor - and give specifics about that animal. Or list the five cats that have been there the longest. All we hear about is revenue and money. I know the shelter needs money to operate, but aren't we an "animal" shelter first???

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