Sunday, March 14, 2010

darned basketball.....

So my parents and I went to Indy on Friday morning to celebrate the beginning of March madness. Unfortunately for us, OSU won, and MSU lost. I never thought I would be yelling for Michigan to win, but I have to admit, the fieldhouse was OSU vs everyone else. And it was a wild game.

The reffing in the Purdue game was TERRIBLE!! I can only hope that both teams and schools complain. Bad enough the game stops every couple of minutes for commercials, but there were technicals galore and just some bad calls all around.

The MSU game was fun to watch - who knew we would end up in overtime?? Minnesota put up quite a fight and wasn't missing anything. Whereas MSU couldn't get a darned thing to sink.

We were going to stay for Saturday and Sunday but were able to sell our tickets so came home. We listened to the double overtime minutes of the Illinois/OSU game and Dad nearly drove us off the road a couple of times as we cheered for Illinois. Then got to watch the Purdue/Minnesota game at home. There is something a little less painful about losing when the team that beats you then goes to the next game and kicks the other team around too.

So - before the final game on Sunday - GO GOPHERS!!!

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