Monday, March 25, 2024

Weekend report

 Mom spent this weekend out of town with her family. 4 of the 6 of them have a birthday within 12 of each other do she wrntvto celebrate. 

Mom & the kid (her niece) actually share a birthday. The kid asked Mom if she wanted to get a matching tattoo. Friday night they went and did this:

The daisy is the flower if April. 

Saturday was lunch and presents and pie and basketball. 

We were glad she got home safe to us though. Ms Ingrid and Mr Morgan came to take care of us and they are great. But it's nice to have mom back. 

It's especially gard on Boba we think. She cane after mom started working from home so she used to her being here all the time. 


  1. Those are nice tattoos. I see so many that just look like a jumbled mess, and I can't tell what they are supposed to represent.

  2. Very nice tattoos! Poor Boba, hopefully she learns that the mom bean will be back.


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