Thursday, March 28, 2024

Happy Birthday Chanel


Dior, momma Millie and Chanel

Hard to believe this was just over 7 years ago. You can see more baby pictures here

Chanel had her annual vet check on Monday. She is healthy, doing well and weighs about 11 pounds.

Chanel sent her sisters Cupcake (fka Dior) a card and some treats.

Looks like Cupcake approves (and has no intention of sharing with Newton).

Happy birthday girls (and your brothers)


  1. Happy birthday to Chanel and her siblings! 🥳

  2. I hope they have a great birthday.

  3. How can that much time have gone by?
    Happy Birthday, Chanel and sibs.

  4. Happy Birthday to Chanel and her fursibs! Seven years have definitely flown by.

  5. Happy birthday to you and your siblings, Chanel! XO


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